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1Sep-2022An open source COSMO-RS implementation and parameterization supporting the efficient implementation of multiple segment descriptorsArticleGerlach, Thomas ; Müller, Simon  ; de Castilla, Andrés González ; Smirnova, Irina  
215-Aug-2022On the analogy between the restricted primitive model and capacitor circuits. Part II: A generalized Gibbs-Duhem consistent extension of the Pitzer-Debye-Hückel term with corrections for low and variable relative permittivityArticleGonzález de Castilla, Andrés ; Müller, Simon  ; Smirnova, Irina  
3Apr-2022Hydro- and aerogels from ethanolic potato and whey protein solutions: Influence of temperature and ethanol concentration on viscoelastic properties, protein interactions, and microstructureArticleAndlinger, David J. ; Schlemmer, Lisa ; Jung, Isabella ; Schroeter, Baldur  ; Smirnova, Irina  ; Kulozik, Ulrich 
4Apr-2022CO2 induced gelation of amidated pectin solutions: Impact of viscosity and gel formationArticlePreibisch, Imke  ; Dirauf, Martin P. ; Lehmann, Timo ; Gurikov, Pavel ; Braeuer, Andreas Siegfried ; Smirnova, Irina  
52022Microwave-assisted deep eutectic solvent extraction of phenolics from defatted date seeds and its effect on solubilization of carbohydratesArticleKehili, Mouna ; Isci Yakan, Asli ; Thieme, Nils ; Kaltschmitt, Martin ; Zetzl, Carsten ; Smirnova, Irina  
62022Inspiring for chemical and biochemical engineering : digitally, interactively, and hands‐onArticleLiese, Gesine ; Rohweder, Franziska ; Husung, Julia ; Gibowsky, Lara ; Schröter, Baldur  ; Smirnova, Irina  ; Liese, Andreas  
7Dec-2021Application of novel and technical lignins in food and pharmaceutical industries: structure-function relationship and current challengesArticleGil-Chavez, Joana ; Gurikov, Pavel ; Hu, Xihua ; Meyer, Robert ; Reynolds, Wienke ; Smirnova, Irina  
8Dec-2021Design of an industrial autohydrolysis pretreatment plant for annual lignocelluloseArticleConrad, Marc ; Häring, Hans ; Smirnova, Irina  
9Dec-2021Editorial for BCAB Special Issue “Lignocellulosic biorefinery”EditorialSmirnova, Irina  
10Dec-2021Lignin from second-generation biorefinery for pressure-sensitive adhesive tapesArticleHu, Xihua ; Gil Chavez, Gilda ; Hadzi-Ristic, Aleksa ; Kreft, Christian ; Lim, Cai Rong ; Zetzl, Carsten ; Smirnova, Irina  
1123-Nov-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessConversion of whey protein aerogel particles into oleogels : effect of oil type on structural featuresArticlePlazzotta, Stella ; Jung, Isabella ; Schroeter, Baldur  ; Subrahmanyam, Raman ; Smirnova, Irina  ; Calligaris, Sonia ; Gurikov, Pavel ; Manzocco, Lara 
129-Sep-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessProduction of polylactic acid aerogels via phase separation and supercritical CO2 drying: thermodynamic analysis of the gelation and drying processArticleMorales, Alberto Bueno ; Lübbert, Christian ; Enders, Sabine ; Sadowski, Gabriele ; Smirnova, Irina  
134-Sep-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessCounter-Current Suspension Extraction Process of Lignocellulose in Biorefineries to Reach Low Water Consumption, High Extraction Yields, and Extract ConcentrationsArticleConrad, Marc ; Smirnova, Irina  
144-Sep-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessHydrophobic Modification of Biopolymer Aerogels by Cold Plasma CoatingArticleSchroeter, Baldur  ; Jung, Isabella ; Bauer, Katharina ; Gurikov, Pavel ; Smirnova, Irina  
1519-Aug-2021An enzyme immobilized microreactor for continuous-flow biocatalysis of ginsenoside Rb1ArticleKazan, Aslihan ; Hu, Xihua ; Stahl, Alina ; Frerichs, Heike  ; Smirnova, Irina  ; Yesil-Celiktas, Ozlem 
164-Jul-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessSpray coating of cellulose aerogel particles in a miniaturized spouted bedArticleSchroeter, Baldur  ; Yonkova, Velislava P. ; Goslinska, Monika  ; Orth, Maike  ; Pietsch-Braune, Swantje  ; Gurikov, Pavel ; Smirnova, Irina  ; Heinrich, Stefan 
17May-2021Process design of a continuous biotransformation with in situ product removal by cloud point extractionArticleFellechner, Oliver ; Smirnova, Irina  
1828-Apr-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessEvaluation of the orally administered calcium alginate aerogel on the changes of gut microbiota and hepatic and renal function of Wistar ratsArticleNajjar, Mohammad Ahmad A. al- ; Athamneh, Tamara ; Abutayeh, Reem ; Basheti, Iman ; Leopold, Claudia S. ; Gurikov, Pavel ; Smirnova, Irina  
1931-Mar-2021Application of Aquasolv Lignin in ibuprofen-loaded pharmaceutical formulations obtained via direct compression and wet granulationArticleGil Chavez, Gilda ; Padhi, Sidhant Satya Prakash ; Leopold, Claudia S. ; Smirnova, Irina  
2024-Mar-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessMetal-doped carbons from polyurea-crosslinked alginate aerogel beadsArticleRaptopoulos, Grigorios ; Papastergiou, Maria ; Chriti, Despoina ; Effraimopoulou, Eleni ; Čendak, Tomaž ; Samartzis, Nikolaos ; Mali, Gregor ; Ioannides, Theophilos ; Gurikov, Pavel ; Smirnova, Irina  ; Paraskevopoulou, Patrina