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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
11-Oct-2021Developing a robustness index for parallel load-bearing systemsArticleShoghijavan, Mohammad ; Starossek, Uwe 
225-Mar-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessParametric flutter analysis of bridges stabilized with eccentric wingsArticleStarossek, Uwe ; Starossek, Rudolf T. 
3Nov-2020How to increase the flutter speed of a bridgePresentationStarossek, Uwe 
41-Jul-2020Twin Rotor Damper for Human-Induced Vibrations of FootbridgesArticleTerrill, Richard Douglas ; Bäumer, Richard ; Van Nimmen, Katrien ; Van Den Broeck, Peter ; Starossek, Uwe 
52019Eccentric-wing flutter stabilizer - Simplified analysis and main findingsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Starossek, Uwe 
62019Progressive collapse of structures – review and outlookChapter/Article (Proceedings)Starossek, Uwe 
72019Optimum design of long-span cable-supported bridges using robustness indexChapter/Article (Proceedings)Shoghijavan, Mohammad ; Starossek, Uwe 
8Oct-2018Eccentric-wing flutter stabilizer for bridges – Analysis, tests, design, and costsArticleStarossek, Uwe ; Ferenczi, Tamas ; Priebe, Jürgen 
915-Jul-2018An analytical study on the bending moment acting on the girder of a long-span cable-supported bridge suffering from cable failureArticleShoghijavan, Mohammad ; Starossek, Uwe 
101-Mar-2018Active vibration control of an oscillator with two translational degrees of freedom using centrifugal forces created by two eccentrically rotating massesArticleBäumer, Richard ; Starossek, Uwe 
111-Feb-2018Structural Robustness of Long-Span Cable-Supported Bridges in a Cable-Loss ScenarioArticleShoghijavan, Mohammad ; Starossek, Uwe 
1220-Jan-2018Twin rotor damper for the damping of stochastically forced vibrations using a power-efficient control algorithmArticleBäumer, Richard ; Terrill, Richard Douglas ; Wollnack, Simon ; Werner, Herbert ; Starossek, Uwe 
132018An analytic comparison regarding steady-state damping performance between the twin rotor damper and a dynamic vibration absorberChapter (Book)Bäumer, Richard ; Terrill, Richard ; Starossek, Uwe 
142018Active vibration control of a three degree of freedom oscillator using two eccentrically rotating massesChapter (Book)Terrill, Richard ; Bäumer, Richard ; Starossek, Uwe 
152018Structural robustness of long-span cable-supported bridges segmented by zipper-stoppers to prevent progressive collapseChapter/Article (Proceedings)Shoghijavan, Mohammad ; Starossek, Uwe 
1622-Feb-2017Closed-Form Steady-State Response Solution of the Twin Rotor Damper and Experimental ValidationArticleBäumer, Richard ; Starossek, Uwe 
172017Fulltext availableOpen AccessAlternating the twin rotor damper between two modes of operation to eliminate small vibrationsArticleBäumer, Richard ; Terrill, Richard ; Starossek, Uwe 
1822-Oct-2016Eccentric-wing flutter stabilizer for long-span bridgesArticleStarossek, Uwe 
1930-Jun-2016Vertical building collapse triggered by loss of all columns in the ground story−last line of defenseArticleLalkovski, Nikolay ; Starossek, Uwe 
2022-Jun-2016Exact analytical solutions for forced undamped duffing oscillatorArticleStarossek, Uwe