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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
119-Jul-2019Managing innovation in a global and digital world : meeting societal challenges and enhancing competitivenessBook
22017Made in India for the world : an empirical investigation into novelty and nature of innovationsArticleHagenau, Daniel Tobias ; Tiwari, Rajnish  
32017Frugal innovation : an assessment of scholarly discourse, trends and potential societal implicationsChapter (Book)Tiwari, Rajnish  ; Fischer, Luise ; Kalogerakis, Katharina 
42017Commercial vehicle industry in India : an investigation of the innovation and business trends (2000–2015)Chapter (Book)Tiwari, Rajnish  ; Phadnis, Bhimsen Dattatraya 
52017Emerging patterns of grassroots innovations : results of a conceptual study based on selected cases from IndiaChapter (Book)Nair, Anup Karath ; Tiwari, Rajnish  ; Buse, Stephan 
62017Lead market India : key elements and corporate perspectives for frugal innovationsBook
72017Developing frugal innovations with inventive analogies : preliminary evidence from innovations in IndiaChapter (Book)Tiwari, Rajnish  ; Kalogerakis, Katharina ; Herstatt, Cornelius 
82017India’s emergence as a lead market for frugal innovations : an introduction to the theme and to the contributed volumeEditorialHerstatt, Cornelius ; Tiwari, Rajnish  
92017Frugality in Indian context : what makes India a lead market for affordable excellence?Chapter (Book)Tiwari, Rajnish  
102017Renewable energy in India : policies, trends and foreign direct investments in research and developmentChapter (Book)Bhagwat, Aditya Prasad ; Tiwari, Rajnish  
11Mar-2008Perspektiven des Mobile Commerce in Deutschland : Grundlagen, Strategien, Kundenakzeptanz, ErfolgsfaktorenBook