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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
123-Oct-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessHolistic simulation approach for optimal operation of smart integrated energy systems under consideration of resilience, economics and sustainabilityArticleHoth, Kai Uwe ; Steffen, Tom ; Wiegel, Béla ; Youssfi, Amine ; Babazadeh, Davood  ; Venzke, Marcus  ; Becker, Christian  ; Fischer, Kathrin  ; Turau, Volker 
215-Dec-2020Artificial Neural Networks for Sensor Data Classification on Small Embedded SystemsPreprintVenzke, Marcus  ; Klisch, Daniel ; Kubik, Philipp ; Ali, Asad ; Dell Missier, Jesper ; Turau, Volker 
310-Oct-2018Calculating retail prices from demand response target schedules to operate domestic electric water heatersArticleLübkert, Tobias  ; Venzke, Marcus  ; Turau, Volker 
41-Feb-2018Understanding price functions to control domestic electric water heaters for demand response: A bilevel approach to adapt power consumption to availabiltyArticleLübkert, Tobias  ; Venzke, Marcus  ; Vo, Nhat Vinh ; Turau, Volker 
52017Appliance commitment for household load scheduling algorithm: A critical reviewChapter/Article (Proceedings)Lübkert, Tobias  ; Venzke, Marcus  ; Turau, Volker 
619-Jul-2016Impacts of domestic electric water heater parameters on demand response: a simulative analysis of physical and control parameter impactsArticleLübkert, Tobias  ; Venzke, Marcus  ; Turau, Volker 
714-Jul-2016Simulative evaluation of demand response approaches for waterbedsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Venzke, Marcus  ; Turau, Volker 
815-Apr-2015A demand response approach locally implementable for waterbedsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Venzke, Marcus  ; Turau, Volker 
92015Reliable Transmission of Aircraft Data over SatelliteChapter/Article (Proceedings)Mühleisen, Maciej ; Venzke, Marcus  ; Petersen, Christoph  ; Timm-Giel, Andreas  ; Turau, Volker 
102011Design considerations for a universal smart energy module for energy harvesting in wireless sensor networksChapter/Article (Proceedings)Jessen, Jürgen ; Venzke, Marcus  ; Turau, Volker 
11Sep-2010Smart energy module for wireless sensor nodesResearch PaperJessen, Jürgen ; Venzke, Marcus  ; Turau, Volker 
122005The Heathland experiment : results and experiencesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Turau, Volker ; Renner, Bernd-Christian ; Venzke, Marcus  ; Weyer, Christoph  ; Witt, Matthias 
132003Fulltext availableOpen AccessSpezifikation von interoperablen Webservices mit XQueryThesisVenzke, Marcus