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111-Jan-2021Guest EditorialEditorialHair, Joseph F. ; Cheah, Jun Hwa ; Ringle, Christian M.  ; Sarstedt, Marko ; Ting, Hiram 
220-Sep-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessCutoff Criteria for Overall Model Fit Indexes in Generalized Structured Component AnalysisArticleCho, Gyeongcheol ; Hwang, Heungsun ; Sarstedt, Marko ; Ringle, Christian M.  
317-Sep-2020Elderly Customers' Reactions to Service Failures: The Role of Future Time Perspective, Wisdom and Emotional IntelligenceArticleChaouali, Walid ; Souiden, Nizar ; Ringle, Christian M.  
43-Sep-2020Cross-validated Predictive Ability Test (CVPAT) in Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM)PresentationRingle, Christian M.  ; Liengaard, Benjamin Dybro 
514-Aug-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessStructural equation models: from paths to networks (Westland 2019)ArticleSarstedt, Marko ; Ringle, Christian M.  
64-Aug-2020When predictors of outcomes are necessary : guidelines for the combined use of PLS-SEM and NCAArticleRichter, Nicole Franziska ; Schubring, Sandra ; Hauff, Sven ; Ringle, Christian M.  ; Sarstedt, Marko 
73-Jul-2020Partial least squares structural equation modeling in HRM researchArticleRingle, Christian M.  ; Sarstedt, Marko ; Mitchell, Rebecca ; Gudergan, Siegfried 
81-Jun-2020Structural model robustness checks in PLS-SEMArticleSarstedt, Marko ; Ringle, Christian M.  ; Cheah, Jun-Hwa ; Ting, Hiram ; Moisescu, Ovidiu I. ; Radomir, Lacramioara 
926-May-2020Data generation for composite-based structural equation modeling methodsArticleSchlittgen, Rainer ; Sarstedt, Marko ; Ringle, Christian M.  
1028-Apr-2020This fast car can move faster: a review of PLS-SEM application in higher education researchArticleGhasemy, Majid ; Teeroovengadum, Viraiyan ; Becker, Jan-Michael ; Ringle, Christian M.  
1126-Apr-2020Beyond a tandem analysis of SEM and PROCESS : use of PLS-SEM for mediation analyses!ArticleSarstedt, Marko ; Hair, Joseph F. ; Nitzl, Christian ; Ringle, Christian M.  ; Howard, Matthew C. 
12Jan-2020A concept analysis of methodological research on composite-based structural equation modeling: bridging PLSPM and GSCAArticleHwang, Heungsun ; Sarstedt, Marko ; Cheah, Jun Hwa ; Ringle, Christian M.  
132020Prediction: coveted, yet forsaken? introducing a cross‐validated predictive ability test in partial least squares path modelingArticleLiengaard, Benjamin Dybro ; Sharma, Pratyush Nidhi ; Hult, G. Tomas M. ; Jensen, Morten Berg ; Sarstedt, Marko ; Hair, Joseph F. ; Ringle, Christian M.  
142020Executing and Interpreting Applications of PLS-SEM: Updates for Family Business ResearchersArticleHair, Joseph F. ; Binz Astrachan, Claudia ; Moisescu, Ovidiu I. ; Radomir, Lacramioara ; Sarstedt, Marko ; Vaithilingam, Santha ; Ringle, Christian M.  
152020Service quality and customer satisfaction: the moderating effects of hotel star ratingArticleNunkoo, Robin ; Teeroovengadum, Viraiyan ; Ringle, Christian M.  ; Sunnassee, Vivek 
162020Using Gaussian copulas to address endogeneity in regression : recommendations based on simulation studiesPresentationBecker, Jan-Michael ; Ringle, Christian M.  ; Proksch, Dorian 
172020SEM: measurement models with composites and common factorsPresentationHair, Joseph F. ; Rigdon, Edward E. ; Ringle, Christian M.  
1811-Nov-2019Predictive model assessment in PLS-SEM: guidelines for using PLSpredictArticleShmueli, Galit ; Sarstedt, Marko ; Hair, Joseph F. ; Cheah, Jun-Hwa ; Ting, Hiram ; Vaithilingam, Santha ; Ringle, Christian M.  
1928-Aug-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessPartial least squares structural equation modeling-based discrete choice modeling: an illustration in modeling retailer choiceArticleHair, Joseph F. ; Ringle, Christian M.  ; Gudergan, Siegfried ; Fischer, Andreas ; Nitzl, Christian ; Menictas, Con 
2020-Aug-2019Exploring the microfoundations of end-user interests toward co-creating renewable energy technology innovationsArticleKotilainen, Kirsi ; Saari, Ulla A. ; Mäkinen, Saku J. ; Ringle, Christian M.