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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
1Jun-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessApproximating WCET and energy consumption for fast multi-objective memory allocationResearch PaperJadhav, Shashank  ; Falk, Heiko  
213-Feb-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccesshaRTStone - Collection of Existing ANSI-C BenchmarksSoftwareFalk, Heiko  ; Gandyra, Max 
313-Feb-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccesshaRTStone - Benchmark Classification DatasetsDatasetFalk, Heiko  ; Gandyra, Max 
412-Feb-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccesshaRTStone - Feature Extractor SoftwareSoftwareFalk, Heiko  ; Gandyra, Max 
5Nov-2021Predicting Objectives on a Reduced Search Space of Multiobjective Function InliningChapter/Article (Proceedings)Muts, Kateryna  ; Falk, Heiko  
6Oct-2021Predicting Worst-Case Execution Times During Multi-criterial Function InliningChapter/Article (Proceedings)Muts, Kateryna  ; Falk, Heiko  
7Dec-2020Work-In-Progress: Fine-Grained On-Chip Energy Measurement of a Real-Time Multi-Core ProcessorChapter/Article (Proceedings)Oehlert, Dominic Paul ; Williams, Edward UmaƱa ; Falk, Heiko  
831-Jul-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessCompilation for real-time systems a decade after predatorChapter (Book)Falk, Heiko  ; Jadhav, Shashank  ; Luppold, Arno  ; Muts, Kateryna  ; Oehlert, Dominic Paul ; Piontek, Nina ; Roth, Mikko Julian  
99-Jun-2020Multi-criteria function inlining for hard real-time systemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Muts, Kateryna  ; Falk, Heiko  
1025-May-2020Compiler-based WCET prediction performing function specializationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Muts, Kateryna  ; Falk, Heiko  
11Mar-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessCompiling for the worst case : memory allocation for multi-task and multi-core hard real-time systemsArticleLuppold, Arno  ; Oehlert, Dominic ; Falk, Heiko  
12Nov-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessReasoning about non-functional properties using compiler intrinsic function annotationsResearch PaperJadhav, Shashank  ; Roth, Mikko Julian  ; Falk, Heiko  ; Brown, Chris ; Barwell, Adam 
13Oct-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessCode-inherent traffic shaping for hard real-time systemsArticleOehlert, Dominic Paul ; Saidi, Selma ; Falk, Heiko  
14May-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessCompiler-based code compression for hard real-time systemsWorking PaperMuts, Kateryna  ; Luppold, Arno  ; Falk, Heiko  
15May-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessFavorable adjustment of periods for reduced hyperperiods in real-time systemsWorking PaperOehlert, Dominic Paul ; Luppold, Arno  ; Falk, Heiko  
16May-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessMulti-objective optimization for the compiler of real-time systems based on flower pollination algorithmChapter/Article (Proceedings)Jadhav, Shashank  ; Falk, Heiko  
1710-Oct-2018Automated generation of time-predictable executables on multi-coreChapter/Article (Proceedings)Pagetti, Claire ; Forget, Julien ; Falk, Heiko  ; Oehlert, Dominic Paul ; Luppold, Arno  
18Jul-2018Fulltext availableOpen AccessCompilation for real-time systems : an overview of the WCET-aware C compiler WCCWorking PaperOehlert, Dominic Paul ; Luppold, Arno  ; Falk, Heiko  
19Jul-2018Fulltext availableOpen AccessCompiler-based extraction of event arrival functions for real-time systems analysisChapter/Article (Proceedings)Oehlert, Dominic ; Saidi, Selma ; Falk, Heiko  
2028-May-2018Multi-criteria compiler-based optimization of hard real-time systemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Muts, Kateryna  ; Luppold, Arno  ; Falk, Heiko