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18-Sep-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessElectrical Capacitance Volume Tomography (ECVT) for Characterization of Additively Manufactured Lattice Structures (AMLS) in Gas-Liquid SystemsArticleSpille, Claas ; Tholan, Vaishakh Prasannan ; Straiton, Benjamin ; Johannsen, Monika  ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Marashdeh, Qussai ; Schlüter, Michael 
230-Jul-2021Visualization and Quantitative Analysis of Consecutive Reactions in Taylor Bubble FlowsChapter (Book)Schlüter, Michael ; Kexel, Felix ; Kameke, Alexandra von ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Herres-Pawlis, Sonja ; Klüfers, Peter ; Oßberger, Martin ; Turek, Stefan ; Mierka, Otto ; Kockmann, Norbert ; Krieger, Waldemar 
330-Jul-2021Determination of Kinetics for Reactive Bubbly Flows Using SuperFocus MixersChapter (Book)Mierka, Otto ; Turek, Stefan ; Rinke, Günter ; Simon, Sven ; Schindler, Siegfried ; Hoffmann, Alexander ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Schlüter, Michael ; Herres-Pawlis, Sonja 
41-Jul-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessCFD analysis of asymmetric mixing at different inlet configurations of a split-and-recombine micro mixerArticleFrey, Torben ; Schlütemann, Rieke ; Schwarz, Sebastian ; Biessey, Philip ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Grünewald, Marcus ; Schlüter, Michael 
5Jun-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessValidation of novel Lattice Boltzmann Large Eddy Simulations (LB LES) for equipment characterization in biopharmaArticleKuschel, Maike ; Fitschen, Jürgen ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Kameke, Alexandra von ; Schlüter, Michael ; Wucherpfennig, Thomas 
624-Mar-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessNovel evaluation method to determine the local mixing time distribution in stirred tank reactorsArticleFitschen, Jürgen ; Hofmann, Sebastian  ; Wutz, Johannes ; Kameke, Alexandra von ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Wucherpfennig, Thomas ; Schlüter, Michael 
711-Mar-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessTaylor bubble study of the influence of fluid dynamics on yield and selectivity in fast gas-liquid reactionsArticleKexel, Felix ; Kameke, Alexandra von ; Tenhaus, Janina ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Schlüter, Michael 
8Jan-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessBildgebende UV/VIS‐Spektroskopie zur Untersuchung des Einflusses der Fluiddynamik auf die Entstehung von Haupt‐ und Nebenprodukt in schnellen konkurrierenden konsekutiven Gas‐Flüssig‐Reaktionen ArticleKexel, Felix ; Kameke, Alexandra von ; Oßberger, Martin ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Klüfers, Peter ; Schlüter, Michael 
92021The influence of fluid dynamics on the selectivity of fast gas–liquid reactions in methanolArticleKexel, Felix ; Kameke, Alexandra von ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Schlüter, Michael 
1020-Oct-2020Hydrodynamic and mass transfer correlation in a microbubble aerated stirred tank reactorArticleMatthes, Simon ; Thomas, Benjamin ; Ohde, Daniel  ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Bubenheim, Paul  ; Liese, Andreas  ; Tanaka, Shunya ; Terasaka, Koichi ; Schlüter, Michael 
1121-Jul-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessSMART-Reactors : tailoring gas holdup distribution by additively manufactured lattice structuresArticleSpille, Claas ; Lyberis, Anastasios ; Maiwald, Maria Isabelle ; Herzog, Dirk ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Emmelmann, Claus ; Schlüter, Michael 
122020Experimental investigation, scale-up and modeling of droplet size distributions in turbulent multiphase jetsArticlePesch, Simeon Jacob ; Knopf, Rebecca ; Radmehr, Anahita ; Paris, Claire B. ; Aman, Zachary M. ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Schlüter, Michael 
1328-Oct-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessLarge-Scale Experiments on the Formation of Surface Vortices with and without Vortex SuppressionArticleSzeliga, Nicolai ; Helmrich von Elgott, Lando ; Bezecny, Daniel ; Richter, Steffen ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Schlüter, Michael 
14Jul-2019How Do Vortex Structures Influence Boundary Layer Dynamics in Gas-Liquid Systems?ArticleRüttinger, Sophie ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Schlüter, Michael 
151-Feb-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessExperimental and numerical investigation of reactive species transport around a small rising bubbleArticleWeiner, Andre ; Timmermann, Jens ; Pesci, Chiara ; Grewe, Jana ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Schlüter, Michael ; Bothe, Dieter 
16Aug-2018Laser-Induced Fluorescence in Multiphase SystemsArticleRüttinger, Sophie ; Spille, Claas ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Schlüter, Michael 
1724-May-2018Fulltext availableOpen AccessReaction systems for bubbly flowsArticlePaul, Melanie ; Strassl, Florian ; Hoffmann, Alexander ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Schlüter, Michael ; Herres-Pawlis, Sonja 
18Apr-2018Rise velocity of live-oil droplets in deep-sea oil spillsArticlePesch, Simeon Jacob ; Jaeger, Philip ; Jaggi, Aprami ; Malone, Karen ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Krause, Dieter ; Oldenburg, Thomas B. P. ; Schlüter, Michael 
19Mar-2018Reliable prediction of air-entraining vortices at pump intakes to prevent the failure of cooling systemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Szeliga, Nicolai ; Bezecny, Daniel ; Richter, Steffen ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Schlüter, Michael 
2015-Feb-2018Optimization of a split and recombine micromixer by improved exploitation of secondary flowsArticleHermann, Pascal ; Timmermann, Jens ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Schlüter, Michael ; Hofmann, Christian ; Löb, Patrick ; Ziegenbalg, Dirk