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15-Jul-2021Paraelectric KH₂PO₄ nanocrystals in monolithic mesoporous silica: Structure and lattice dynamicsArticleShchur, Yaroslav ; Kityk, Andriy V. ; Strelchuk, Viktor V. ; Nikolenko, Andrii S. ; Andrushchak, Nazariy A. ; Huber, Patrick  ; Andrushchak, Anatoliy 
215-May-2021Molecular dynamics and electrical conductivity of Guanidinium based ionic liquid crystals: Influence of cation headgroup configurationArticleKolmangadi, Mohamed A. ; Yildirim, Arda ; Sentker, Kathrin ; Butschies, Martin ; Bühlmeyer, Andrea ; Huber, Patrick  ; Laschat, Sabine ; Schönhals, Andreas 
327-Apr-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessSynergistic and competitive adsorption of hydrophilic nanoparticles and oil-soluble surfactants at the oil-water interfaceArticleSmits, Joeri ; Giri, Rajendra P. ; Shen, Chen ; Mendonça, Diogo ; Murphy, Bridget M. ; Huber, Patrick  ; Rezwan, Kurosch ; Maas, Michael 
410-Feb-2021Anisotropic Confinement of Chromophores Induces Second-Order Nonlinear Optics in a Nanoporous Photonic MetamaterialArticleWaszkowska, Karolina ; Josse, Pierre ; Cabanetos, Clement ; Blanchard, Philippe ; Sahraoui, Bouchta ; Guichaoua, Dominique ; Syvorotka, Igor ; Kityk, Olha ; Wielgosz, Robert ; Huber, Patrick  ; Kityk, Andriy V. 
52021Liquid crystalline hydrazones revisited: dipolar interactions vs hydrogen bonding affecting mesomorphic propertiesArticleKnelles, Jakob ; Wanner, Chris ; Schulz, Finn ; Freund, Marcel ; Kolmangadi, Mohamed A. ; Baro, Angelika ; Huber, Patrick  ; Schönhals, Andreas ; Laschat, Sabine 
62021Dynamics of Water Confined in Mesopores with Variable Surface InteractionArticleJani, Aicha ; Busch, Mark  ; Mietner, J. Benedikt ; Ollivier, Jacques ; Appel, Markus ; Frick, Bernhard ; Zanotti, Jean-Marc ; Ghoufi, Aziz ; Huber, Patrick  ; Fröba, Michael ; Morineau, Denis 
711-Dec-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessLaser-Excited Elastic Guided Waves Reveal the Complex Mechanics of Nanoporous SiliconDatasetThelen, Marc  ; Bochud, Nicolas ; Brinker, Manuel ; Prada, Claire ; Huber, Patrick  
81-Dec-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessPrecursor film spreading during liquid imbibition in nanoporous photonic crystalsArticleCencha, Luisa G. ; Dittrich, Guido ; Huber, Patrick  ; Berli, Claudio L. A. ; Urteaga, Raul 
917-Nov-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessProbing the electrolyte transfer in ultrathin polypyrrole films by In situ X-ray reflectivity and electrochemistryArticleLakner, Pirmin H. ; Brinker, Manuel ; Seitz, Christoph ; Jacobse, Leon ; Vonk, Vedran ; Lippmann, Milena ; Volkov, S. A. ; Huber, Patrick  ; Keller, Thomas F. 
101-Oct-2020Electrical Conductivity and Multiple Glassy Dynamics of Crown Ether-Based Columnar Liquid CrystalsArticleYildirim, Arda ; Kolmangadi, Mohamed A. ; Bühlmeyer, Andrea ; Huber, Patrick  ; Laschat, Sabine ; Schönhals, Andreas 
1130-Sep-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessGiant electrochemical actuation in a nanoporous silicon-polypyrrole hybrid materialArticleBrinker, Manuel ; Dittrich, Guido ; Richert, Claudia ; Lakner, Pirmin ; Krekeler, Tobias ; Keller, Thomas F. ; Huber, Norbert ; Huber, Patrick  
12Aug-2020Liquid crystals confined in nanoporous solids : from fundamentals to functionalities of integrated material systemsChapter (Book)Huber, Patrick  ; Sentker, Kathrin ; Busch, Mark  ; Kityk, Andriy V. 
1322-May-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessGiant Piezoelectrolytic Actuation in a Nanoporous Silicon-Polypyrrole Hybrid MaterialDatasetBrinker, Manuel ; Dittrich, Guido ; Richert, Claudia ; Lakner, Pirmin ; Krekeler, Tobias ; Keller, Thomas F. ; Huber, Norbert ; Huber, Patrick  
146-May-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessIonic liquid dynamics in nanoporous carbon : a pore-size- and temperature-dependent neutron spectroscopy study on supercapacitor materialsArticleBusch, Mark  ; Hofmann, Tommy ; Frick, Bernhard ; Embs, Jan P. ; Dyatkin, Boris ; Huber, Patrick  
1525-Nov-2019Fulltext availableOpen Access3D Reciprocal Space Mapping of a Columnar Discotic Liquid Crystal Confined in NanoporesAudiovisualHuber, Patrick  
1614-Nov-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessNatural and chemically modified post-mining clays : structural and surface properties and preliminary tests on copper sorptionArticleJabłońska, Beata ; Busch, Mark  ; Kityk, Andriy V. ; Huber, Patrick  
179-Sep-2019Nondestructive high-throughput screening of nanopore geometry in porous membranes by imbibitionArticleCencha, Luisa G. ; Huber, Patrick  ; Kappl, Michael ; Floudas, George ; Steinhart, Martin ; Berli, Claudio L. A. ; Urteaga, Raul 
18Jul-2019KH2PO4+ host matrix (Alumina / SiO2) nanocomposite: Raman scattering insightChapter/Article (Proceedings)Shchur, Yaroslav ; Andrushchak, Anatoliy ; Strelchuk, Viktor V. ; Nikolenko, Andrii S. ; Adamiv, V. T. ; Andrushchak, Nazariy A. ; Goering, Petra ; Huber, Patrick  ; Kityk, Andriy V. 
19Jul-2019Mesoporous alumina- and silica-based crystalline nanocomposites with tailored anisotropy: Methodology, structure and propertiesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Kityk, Andriy V. ; Andrushchak, Anatoliy ; Shchur, Yaroslav ; Adamiv, V. T. ; Yaremko, O. ; Lelonek, Monika ; Vitusevich, S. A. ; Kityk, Olha ; Wielgosz, Robert ; Piecek, Wiktor ; Busch, Mark  ; Sentker, Kathrin ; Huber, Patrick  
2015-Feb-2019Capillarity-Driven Oil Flow in Nanopores: Darcy Scale Analysis of Lucas–Washburn Imbibition DynamicsArticleGruener, Simon ; Huber, Patrick