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116-Jun-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessMultivariate simulation of offshore weather time series: a comparison between markov chain, autoregressive, and long short-term memory modelsArticleEberle, Sebastian ; Cevasco, Debora ; Schwarzkopf, Marie-Antoinette ; Hollm, Marten  ; Seifried, Robert  
2Jun-2022Fulltext availableDesign and optimization of a wave energy converter for drifting sensor platforms in realistic ocean wavesArticleHarms, Julius  ; Hollm, Marten  ; Dostal, Leo ; Kern, Thorsten Alexander  ; Seifried, Robert  
323-May-2022Towards coupling land-based and water-based mobile robots for monitoring and inspection of waterside structuresArticleSeifried, Robert  ; Smarsly, Kay ; Dücker, Daniel-André  ; Pick, Marc-André ; Dragos, Kosmas 
411-Apr-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessMaterial and particle size sensitivity analysis on coefficient of restitution in low-velocity normal impactsArticleMeyer, Niklas  ; Wagemann, Eric L. ; Jackstadt, Alexander ; Seifried, Robert  
515-Feb-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessOptimal design of particle dampers for structures with low first eigenfrequency under forced vibrationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Meyer, Niklas  ; Seifried, Robert  
612-Feb-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessA modified level set method for topology optimization of sparsely-filled and slender structuresArticleAzari Nejat, Ali ; Held, Alexander  ; Trekel, Niklas ; Seifried, Robert  
72022Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on Cylindrical Piles Subjected to Wind-Forced Random Nonlinear Water WavesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Hollm, Marten  ; Dostal, Leo ; Seifried, Robert  
82022Fulltext availableOpen AccessEnergy dissipation in horizontally driven particle dampers of low acceleration intensitiesArticleMeyer, Niklas  ; Seifried, Robert  
92022An optical curvature sensor for soft robotsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Grube, Malte ; Seifried, Robert  
102022Performance increase of wave energy harvesting of a guided point absorberArticleHollm, Marten  ; Dostal, Leo ; Yurchenko, Daniil ; Seifried, Robert  
1114-Dec-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessCurvature sensing of a soft robot based on conductive foamArticleGrube, Malte ; Seifried, Robert  
1212-Dec-2021Flexible multibody impact simulations using hierarchically refined isogeometric modelsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Rückwald, Tobias  ; Held, Alexander  ; Seifried, Robert  
1312-Nov-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessFlexible multibody impact simulations based on the isogeometric analysis approachArticleRückwald, Tobias  ; Held, Alexander  ; Seifried, Robert  
1413-Oct-2021Systematic design of particle dampers for horizontal vibrations with application to a lightweight manipulatorArticleMeyer, Niklas  ; Schwartz, C. ; Morlock, Merlin ; Seifried, Robert  
15Aug-2021Reduced Isogeometric Analysis Models for Impact SimulationsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Rückwald, Tobias  ; Held, Alexander  ; Seifried, Robert  
16Aug-2021Learning of a Basketball Free Throw With a Flexible Link RobotChapter/Article (Proceedings)Timke, Jannik ; Morlock, Merlin ; Dücker, Daniel-André  ; Seifried, Robert  
1725-Jun-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessDamping prediction of particle dampers for structures under forced vibration using effective fieldsArticleMeyer, Niklas  ; Seifried, Robert  
18Jun-2021Trajectory tracking with collision avoidance for a parallel robot with flexible linksArticleMorlock, Merlin ; Bajrami, Valmir ; Seifried, Robert  
1912-May-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessTracking control for underactuated non-minimum phase multibody systemsArticleBerger, Thomas ; Drücker, Svenja  ; Lanza, Lukas ; Reis, Timo ; Seifried, Robert  
20Apr-2021Real-time trajectory tracking control of a parallel robot with flexible linksArticleMorlock, Merlin ; Meyer, Niklas Joachim  ; Pick, Marc-André ; Seifried, Robert