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1Oct-2021Spatially-resolved reaction profiles in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis : influence of operating conditions and promotion for iron-based catalystsArticleWolke, Florian ; Hu, Yiwen ; Schmidt, Michael ; Korup, Oliver ; Horn, Raimund ; Reichelt, Erik ; Jahn, Matthias ; Michaelis, Alexander 
2Feb-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessCapturing spatially resolved kinetic data and coking of Ga-Pt supported catalytically active liquid metal solutions during propane dehydrogenation: In situArticleWolf, Moritz ; Raman, Narayanan ; Taccardi, Nicola ; Horn, Raimund ; Haumann, Marco ; Wasserscheid, Peter 
32021Exploring catalyst dynamics in a fixed bed reactor by correlative operando spatially-resolved structure-activity profilingArticleWollak, Birte ; Doronkin, D. E. ; Espinoza, D. ; Sheppard, T. ; Korup, Oliver ; Schmidt, Marlen ; Alizadefanaloo, S. ; Rosowski, Frank ; Schroer, C. ; Grunwaldt, Jan-Dierk ; Horn, Raimund 
41-Jun-2020Technische ChemieArticleFreund, Hannsjörg ; Güttel, Robert ; Horn, Raimund ; Krewer, Ulrike ; Sauer, Jörg 
5Jan-2020Probing local diffusion and reaction in a porous catalyst pelletArticleSosna, Bahne  ; Korup, Oliver ; Horn, Raimund 
614-Sep-2019Reaktoren für Fluid-Feststoff-Reaktionen: FestbettreaktorenChapter (Book)Horn, Raimund 
710-Apr-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessSupported Ag nanoparticles and clusters for CO oxidation: size effects and influence of the silver-oxygen interactionsArticleLamoth, Maximilian ; Plodinec, Milivoj ; Scharfenberg, Ludwig ; Wrabetz, Sabine ; Girgsdies, Frank ; Jones, Travis ; Rosowski, Frank ; Horn, Raimund ; Schlögl, Robert ; Frei, Elias 
8Dec-2018Microtomography-based CFD modeling of a fixed-bed reactor with an open-cell foam monolith and experimental verification by reactor profile measurementsArticleDong, Ying  ; Korup, Oliver ; Gerdts, Julian ; Roldán Cuenya, Beatriz ; Horn, Raimund 
915-Oct-2018What happens in a catalytic fixed-bed reactor for n-butane oxidation to maleic anhydride? Insights from spatial profile measurements and particle resolved CFD simulationsArticleDong, Ying  ; Geske, Michael ; Korup, Oliver ; Ellenfeld, Nils ; Rosowski, Frank ; Dobner, Cornelia ; Horn, Raimund 
101-Jan-2018Synthesis gas production by catalytic partial oxidation of natural gas using ceramic foam catalystArticleUrasaki, Kohei ; Kado, Shigeru ; Kiryu, Asako ; Imagawa, Ken ichi ; Tomishige, Keiichi ; Horn, Raimund ; Korup, Oliver ; Suehiro, Yoshifumi 
11Oct-2017Temporal Analysis of Products Experiments at Atmospheric Pressure: The Epoxidation of Ethylene on SilverArticleScharfenberg, Ludwig ; Horn, Raimund 
1214-Feb-2017Investigation of radial heat transfer in a fixed-bed reactor: CFD simulations and profile measurementsArticleDong, Ying  ; Sosna, Bahne  ; Korup, Oliver ; Rosowski, Frank ; Horn, Raimund 
131-Dec-2016Investigating dry reforming of methane with spatial reactor profiles and particle-resolved CFD simulationsArticleWehinger, Gregor D. ; Kraume, Matthias ; Berg, Viktor ; Korup, Oliver ; Mette, Katharina ; Schlögl, Robert ; Behrens, Malte ; Horn, Raimund 
141-Nov-2016Catalytic Methane Combustion on a Pt Gauze: Laser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Species Profiles, and SimulationsArticleSchwarz, Heiner ; Dong, Ying  ; Horn, Raimund 
151-Nov-2016Effective Axial Thermal Conductivity in Catalyst Packings from High Resolution Temperature ProfilesArticleSosna, Bahne  ; Dong, Ying  ; Chromow, Lukas ; Korup, Oliver ; Horn, Raimund 
1613-Mar-2016Effect of the catalyst pore structure on fixed-bed reactor performance of partial oxidation of n-butane: A simulation studyArticleDong, Ying  ; Keil, Frerich ; Korup, Oliver ; Rosowski, Frank ; Horn, Raimund 
175-Feb-2014Fuel-rich methane oxidation in a high-pressure flow reactor studied by optical-fiber laser-induced fluorescence, multi-species sampling profile measurements and detailed kinetic simulationsArticleSchwarz, Heiner ; Geske, Michael ; Goldsmith, Franklin C. ; Schlögl, Robert ; Horn, Raimund