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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
123-Feb-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessDirect and broadband plasmonic charge transfer to enhance water oxidation on a gold electrodeArticleGraf, Matthias ; Vonbun-Feldbauer, Gregor  ; Koper, Marc T. M. 
2May-2020Size Dependent Absorption and Hot Electron Emission from Nanoporous GoldChapter/Article (Proceedings)Petrov, Alexander  ; Graf, Matthias ; Arya, Mahima ; Eich, Manfred 
37-Feb-2020Thermally Driven Ag-Au Compositional Changes at the Ligament Surface in Nanoporous Gold: Implications for Electrocatalytic ApplicationsArticleHänsch, Mareike ; Graf, Matthias ; Wang, Weijia ; Nefedov, Alexei ; Wöll, Christof ; Weissmüller, Jörg ; Wittstock, Gunther 
47-Feb-2020Experimental Evidence for Nonthermal Contributions to Plasmon-Enhanced Electrochemical Oxidation ReactionsArticleRodio, Marina ; Graf, Matthias ; Schulz, Florian ; Mueller, Niclas S. ; Eich, Manfred ; Lange, Holger 
514-Jun-2019Mass Transport in Porous Electrodes Studied by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy: Example of Nanoporous GoldArticleHänsch, Mareike ; Balboa, Luis ; Graf, Matthias ; Silva Olaya, Alex Ricardo ; Weissmüller, Jörg ; Wittstock, Gunther 
610-May-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessMetamaterial emitter for thermophotovoltaics stable up to 1400 °CArticleChirumamilla, Manohar ; Krishnamurthy, Gnanavel Vaidhyanathan ; Knopp, Katrin ; Krekeler, Tobias ; Graf, Matthias ; Jalas, Dirk ; Ritter, Martin  ; Störmer, Michael ; Petrov, Alexander  ; Eich, Manfred 
7May-2019High temperature optical metamaterialsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Petrov, Alexander  ; Chirumamilla, Manohar ; Vaidhyanathan, Gnanavel ; Knopp, Katrin ; Krekeler, Tobias ; Graf, Matthias ; Jalas, Dirk ; Ritter, Martin  ; Störmer, Michael ; Eich, Manfred 
819-Dec-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessX-ray studies of nanoporous gold : powder diffraction by large crystals with small holesArticleGraf, Matthias ; Ngo, Dinh Bao Nam  ; Weissmüller, Jörg ; Markmann, Jürgen 
93-Nov-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessMeasurement of local crystal lattice strain variations in dealloyed nanoporous goldArticleMahr, Christoph ; Müller-Caspary, Knut ; Graf, Matthias ; Lackmann, Anastasia ; Grieb, Tim ; Schowalter, Marco ; Krause, Florian Fritz ; Mehrtens, Thorsten ; Wittstock, Arne ; Weissmüller, Jörg ; Rosenauer, Andreas 
1025-Oct-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessDealloying progress during nanoporous structure evolution analyzed by In situ resistometryArticleSteyskal, Eva-Maria ; Seidl, Michael ; Graf, Matthias ; Würschum, Roland 
1117-Oct-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessElectrocatalytic methanol oxidation with nanoporous gold: microstructure and selectivityArticleGraf, Matthias ; Haensch, Mareike ; Carstens, Jörg ; Wittstock, Gunther ; Weissmüller, Jörg 
124-Mar-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessNanoporous gold by alloy corrosion : method-structure-property relationshipsArticleGraf, Matthias ; Roschning, Benedikt ; Weissmüller, Jörg 
1317-Jan-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessSilver-rich clusters in nanoporous goldArticleKrekeler, Tobias ; Straßer, Anastasia V. ; Graf, Matthias ; Wang, Ke ; Hartig, Christian ; Ritter, Martin  ; Weissmüller, Jörg