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123-Nov-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessOn-site application of solar-activated membrane (Cr–Mn-doped TiO2@graphene oxide) for the rapid degradation of toxic textile effluentsArticleYousaf, Maryam ; Akram, Mariam ; Bhatti, Ijaz Ahmad ; Ahmad, Muhammad ; Usman, Muhammad  ; Khan, Muhammad U. ; Sarwar, Abid ; Sultan, Muhammad ; Ihsanullah, Sohoo  
210-Nov-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessAnaerobic digestion of lignocellulose components : challenges and novel aproachesArticleAgregán, Rubén ; Lorenzo, José M. ; Kumar, Manoj ; Shariati, Mohammad Ali ; Khan, Muhammad U. ; Sarwar, Abid ; Sultan, Muhammad ; Rebezov, Maksim ; Usman, Muhammad  
318-May-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessA critical review with emphasis on recent pieces of evidence of Moringa oleifera biosorption in water and wastewater treatmentArticleBenettayeb, Asmaa ; Usman, Muhammad  ; Tinashe, Coffee Calvin ; Adam, Traore ; Haddou, Boumediene 
421-Apr-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessSome well-known alginate and chitosan modifications used in adsorption : a reviewArticleBenettayeb, Asmaa ; Ghosh, Soumya ; Usman, Muhammad  ; Seihoub, Fatima Zohra ; Ihsanullah, Sohoo  ; Chia, Chin Hua ; Sillanpää, Mika 
5Feb-2022A critical review on treatment of saline wastewater with emphasis on electrochemical based approachesReview (Article)Alam, Rahat ; Khan, Saif Ullah ; Usman, Muhammad  ; Asif, Mohammad ; Farooqi, Izharul Haq 
62022Adsorptive dead-end filtration for removal of Cr(vi) using novel amine modified polyacrylonitrile ultrafiltration membranesArticleMantel, Tomi Jonathan  ; Glaß, Sarah ; Usman, Muhammad  ; Lyberis, Anastasios ; Filiz, Volkan ; Ernst, Mathias  
7Nov-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessArsenate removal from drinking water using by-products from conventional iron oxyhydroxides production as adsorbents coupled with submerged microfiltration unitArticleUsman, Muhammad  ; Katsoyiannis, Ioannis A. ; Rodrigues, Josma Hanna ; Ernst, Mathias  
8Sep-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessAmine‐terminated PAN membranes as anion‐adsorber materialsArticleGlaß, Sarah ; Mantel, Tomi  ; Appold, Michael ; Sen, Sitashree ; Usman, Muhammad  ; Ernst, Mathias  ; Filiz, Volkan 
9Aug-2021A critical review of state-of-the-art electrocoagulation technique applied to COD-rich industrial wastewatersReview (Article)Mousazadeh, Milad ; Niaragh, Elnaz Karamati ; Usman, Muhammad  ; Khan, Saif Ullah ; Sandoval, Miguel Angel ; Al-Qodah, Zakaria ; Khalid, Zaied Bin ; Gilhotra, Vishakha ; Emamjomeh, Mohammad Mahdi 
102-May-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessFunctionalized carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for water and wastewater treatment : preparation to applicationArticleAslam, Mian Muhammad-Ahson ; Kuo, Hsion-Wen ; Den, Walter ; Usman, Muhammad  ; Sultan, Muhammad ; Ashraf, Hadeed 
111-Apr-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessFree discharge of subsurface drainage effluent : an alternate design of the surface drain system in PakistanArticleImran, Muhammad Ali ; Xu, Jinlan ; Sultan, Muhammad ; Shamshiri, Redmond R. ; Ahmed, Naveed ; Javed, Qaiser ; Asfahan, Hafiz Muhammad ; Latif, Yasir ; Usman, Muhammad  ; Ahmad, Riaz 
125-Mar-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessPre-deposited dynamic membrane adsorber formed of microscale conventional iron oxide-based adsorbents to remove arsenic from water : application study and mathematical modelingArticleUsman, Muhammad  ; Belkasmi, Aida Idrissi ; Kastoyiannis, Ioannis A. ; Ernst, Mathias  
135-Dec-2020Mathematical modeling of arsenic(V) adsorption onto iron oxyhydroxides in an adsorption-submerged membrane hybrid systemArticleUsman, Muhammad  ; Zarebanadkouki, Mohsen ; Waseem, Muhammad ; Katsoyiannis, Ioannis A. ; Ernst, Mathias  
1416-Oct-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessEnergy Efficient Rapid Removal of Arsenic in an Electrocoagulation Reactor with Hybrid Fe/Al Electrodes: Process Optimization Using CCD and Kinetic ModelingArticleKhan, Saif Ullah ; Farooqi, Izharul Haq ; Usman, Muhammad  ; Basheer, Farrukh 
1528-Aug-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessSteady-state investigation of carbon-based adsorbent-adsorbate pairs for heat transformation applicationArticleShabir, Faizan ; Sultan, Muhammad ; Niaz, Yasir ; Usman, Muhammad  ; Ibrahim, Sobhy M. ; Feng, Yongqiang ; Naik, Bukke Kiran ; Nasir, Abdul ; Ali, Imran 
1624-Aug-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessInvestigation of input and output energy for wheat production : a comprehensive study for Tehsil Mailsi (Pakistan)ArticleAshraf, Muhammad N. ; Mahmood, Muhammad H. ; Sultan, Muhammad ; Banaeian, Narges ; Usman, Muhammad  ; Ibrahim, Sobhy M. ; Butt, Muhammad U. B. U. ; Waseem, Muhammad ; Ali, Imran ; Shakoor, Aamir ; Khan, Zahid M. 
1728-Jun-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessInvestigating Applicability of Evaporative Cooling Systems for Thermal Comfort of Poultry Birds in PakistanArticleRaza, Hafiz M.Umar ; Ashraf, Hadeed ; Shahzad, Khawar ; Sultan, Muhammad ; Miyazaki, Takahiko ; Usman, Muhammad  ; Shamshiri, Redmond R. ; Zhou, Yaozong ; Ahmad, Riaz 
1826-May-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessStudy on desiccant and evaporative cooling systems for livestock thermal comfort : theory and experimentsArticleKashif, Muhammad ; Niaz, Hassan ; Sultan, Muhammad ; Miyazaki, Takahiko ; Feng, Yongqiang ; Usman, Muhammad  ; Shahzad, Muhammad W. ; Niaz, Yasir ; Waqas, Muhammad M. ; Ali, Imran 
1918-May-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessCorrection: Usman, M., et al. Performance evaluation of small sized powdered ferric hydroxide as arsenic adsorbent. Water 2018, 10, 957ArticleUsman, Muhammad  ; Katsoyiannis, Ioannis A. ; Mitrakas, Manassis ; Zouboulis, Anastasios I. ; Ernst, Mathias  
202020Fulltext availableOpen AccessNew applications of fine-grained iron oxyhydroxides as cost-effective arsenic adsorbents in water treatmentThesisUsman, Muhammad