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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
14-Jan-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessControl over light emission in low-refractive-index artificial materials inspired by reciprocal designArticleMaiwald, Lukas ; Sommer, Timo ; Sidorenko, Mikhail S. ; Yafyasov, Ruslan R. ; Mustafa, Meraj E ; Schulz, Kai Marvin ; Rybin, Mikhail V. ; Eich, Manfred ; Petrov, Alexander  
22020Silicon-organic hybrid nanophotonics for high-efficiency THz emissionThesisSchulz, Kai Marvin 
310-Dec-2018Fulltext availableOpen AccessBackscattering design for a focusing grating coupler with fully etched slots for transverse magnetic modesArticleHoffmann, Jahn ; Schulz, Kai Marvin ; Pitruzzello, Giampaolo ; Fohrmann, Lena Simone ; Petrov, Alexander Yu  ; Eich, Manfred 
419-Sep-2018Integrated Nonlinear Waveguide Optics for High-Efficiency and Wideband-Tunable Generation of THz RadiationArticleSchulz, Kai Marvin ; Rusche, Adrian G. C. ; Petrov, Alexander  ; Eich, Manfred 
523-Jul-2018Reciprocity approach for calculating the Purcell effect for emission into an open optical systemArticleSchulz, Kai Marvin ; Jalas, Dirk ; Petrov, Alexander  ; Eich, Manfred 
625-Jun-2018Emission enhancement in dielectric nanocompositesArticleJalas, Dirk ; Schulz, Kai Marvin ; Petrov, Alexander  ; Eich, Manfred 
72017Integrated non-linear waveguide optics for high-efficiency THz sourcesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Schulz, Kai Marvin ; Rusche, Adrian G. C. ; Hoffmann, Jahn ; Luo, Jingdong ; Petrov, Alexander  ; Eich, Manfred 
817-Aug-2016Fulltext availableOpen AccessControlling the spontaneous emission rate of quantum wells in rolled-up hyperbolic metamaterialsArticleSchulz, K. Marvin ; Vu, Hoan ; Schwaiger, Stephan ; Rottler, Andreas ; Korn, Tobias ; Sonnenberg, David ; Kipp, Tobias ; Mendach, Stefan 
91-Jul-2015Mechanism that governs the electro-optic response of second-order nonlinear polymers on silicon substratesArticleSchulz, Kai Marvin ; Prorok, Stefan ; Jalas, Dirk ; Marder, Seth R. ; Luo, Jingdong ; Jen, Alex K.-Y. ; Zierold, Robert ; Nielsch, Kornelius ; Eich, Manfred