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110-Jan-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessOptical force estimation for interactions between tool and soft tissuesArticleNeidhardt, Maximilian ; Mieling, Till Robin ; Bengs, Marcel ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
27-Oct-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessPosition Data of Offline Needle SteeringDatasetNeidhardt, Maximilian ; Reinecke, Anton ; Rogalla, Antje  ; Lehmann, Sascha ; Sprenger, Johanna ; Schlaefer, Alexander ; Schupp, Sibylle 
3Sep-2022Supervised Contrastive Learning to Classify Paranasal Anomalies in the Maxillary SinusChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bhattacharya, Debayan ; Becker, Benjamin Tobias ; Behrendt, Finn ; Bengs, Marcel ; Beyersdorff, Dirk ; Eggert, Dennis ; Petersen, Elina ; Jansen, Florian ; Petersen, Marvin ; Cheng, Bastian ; Betz, Christian Stephan ; Schlaefer, Alexander ; Hoffmann, Anna Sophie 
426-Aug-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessSqueeze and multi-context attention for polyp segmentationArticleBhattacharya, Debayan ; Eggert, Dennis ; Betz, Christian Stephan ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
530-Jul-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessSurface scanning for navigation using high-speed optical coherence tomographyArticleSprenger, Johanna ; Neidhardt, Maximilian ; Latus, Sarah  ; Grube, Sarah  ; Fischer, Martin ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
6Jul-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessData-efficient vision transformers for multi-label sisease classification on chest radiographsArticleBehrendt, Finn ; Bhattacharya, Debayan ; Krüger, Julia ; Opfer, Roland ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
7Jul-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessInfluence of the field of view on shear wave velocity estimationArticleGrube, Sarah  ; Neidhardt, Maximilian ; Latus, Sarah  ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
8Jul-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessGANs for generation of synthetic ultrasound images from small datasetsArticleMaack, Lennart ; Holstein, Lennart ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
91-Jun-2022Fast adaptive replanning by constrained reoptimization for intra-fractional non-periodic motion during SBRT of the prostateArticleGerlach, Stefan  ; Hofmann, Theresa ; Fürweger, Christoph ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
10Jun-2022Deep learning based segmentation of cervical blood vessels in ultrasound imagesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Sonntag, T. ; Bauer, M. ; Sprenger, Johanna ; Gerlach, Stefan  ; Breitfeld, Philipp ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
1121-May-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessSystematic analysis of volumetric ultrasound parameters for markerless 4D motion trackingArticleSprenger, Johanna ; Bengs, Marcel ; Gerlach, Stefan  ; Neidhardt, Maximilian ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
1220-May-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessAI-based optimization for US-guided radiation therapy of the prostateArticleGerlach, Stefan  ; Hofmann, Theresa ; Fürweger, Christoph ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
13May-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessProximity-based haptic feedback for collaborative robotic needle insertionChapter/Article (Proceedings)Mieling, Till Robin ; Stapper, Carolin ; Gerlach, Stefan  ; Neidhardt, Maximilian ; Latus, Sarah  ; Gromniak, Martin ; Breitfeld, Philipp ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
1419-Apr-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessUltrasound shear wave elasticity imaging with spatio-temporal deep learningArticleNeidhardt, Maximilian ; Bengs, Marcel ; Latus, Sarah  ; Gerlach, Stefan  ; Cyron, Christian J. ; Sprenger, Johanna ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
15Apr-2022Infratentorial lesions in multiple sclerosis patients: intra- and inter-rater variability in comparison to a fully automated segmentation using 3D convolutional neural networksArticleKrüger, Julia ; Ostwaldt, Ann-Christin ; Spies, Lothar ; Geisler, Benjamin ; Schlaefer, Alexander ; Kitzler, Hagen H. ; Schippling, Sven ; Opfer, Roland 
1621-Mar-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessModeling ℝ³ needle steering in UppaalChapter/Article (Proceedings)Lehmann, Sascha ; Rogalla, Antje  ; Neidhardt, Maximilian ; Reinecke, Anton ; Schlaefer, Alexander ; Schupp, Sibylle 
17Mar-2022Unsupervised anomaly detection in 3D brain MRI using deep learning with multi-task brain age predictionChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bengs, Marcel ; Behrendt, Finn ; Laves, Max-Heinrich ; Krüger, Julia ; Opfer, Roland ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
18Mar-2022Self-supervised U-Net for segmenting flat and sessile polypsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bhattacharya, Debayan ; Betz, Christian ; Eggert, Dennis ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
19Mar-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessIn vivo detection of head and neck tumors by hyperspectral imaging combined with deep learning methodsArticleEggert, Dennis ; Bengs, Marcel ; Westermann, Stephan ; Gessert, Nils Thorben ; Gerstner, Andreas ; Müller, Nina ; Bewarder, Julian ; Schlaefer, Alexander ; Betz, Christian Stephan ; Laffers, Wiebke 
20Mar-2022Unsupervised anomaly detection in 3D brain MRI using deep learning with impured training dataChapter/Article (Proceedings)Behrendt, Finn ; Bengs, Marcel ; Rogge, Frederik ; Krüger, Julia ; Opfer, Roland ; Schlaefer, Alexander