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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2020An efficient algorithm for the calculation of sub-grid distances for higher-order LBM boundary conditions in a GPU simulation environmentArticleMierke, Dennis  ; Janßen, Christian Friedrich  ; Rung, Thomas  
2Jun-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessCUDA-accelerated computational fluid dynamics (NVIDIA Webinar)PresentationJanßen, Christian Friedrich  ; Mierke, Dennis  ; Gehrke, Martin  ; Asmuth, Henrik 
313-May-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessValidation of a GPU-accelerated LBM based numerical ice tank for a Voith Schneider propulsion systemPresentationGehrke, Martin  ; Mierke, Dennis  ; Rung, Thomas  ; Hauer, Philipp 
415-May-2017On the development of an efficient numerical ice tank for the simulation of fluid-ship-rigid-ice interactions on graphics processing unitsArticleJanßen, Christian Friedrich  ; Mierke, Dennis  ; Rung, Thomas  
5May-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessGPU-accelerated LBM-VOF two-phase flow simulations with grid refinementPresentationGehrke, Martin  ; Mierke, Dennis  ; Janßen, Christian F.  ; Rung, Thomas  
6Jan-2016Methodology for investigation of ice breaking performanceChapter/Article (Proceedings)Myland, Daniela ; Mierke, Dennis  
77-Jul-2015Fulltext availableOpen AccessValidation of the GPU-accelerated CFD solver ELBE for free surface flow problems in civil and environmental engineeringArticleJanßen, Christian Friedrich  ; Mierke, Dennis  ; Überrück, Micha ; Gralher, Silke ; Rung, Thomas  
8Jun-2015GPU-accelerated large-eddy simulation of ship-ice interactionsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Mierke, Dennis  ; Janßen, Christian Friedrich  ; Rung, Thomas