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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
1Apr-2020A Taylor model toolbox for solving ODEs implemented in MATLAB/INTLABArticleBünger, Florian 
21-Dec-2019Complex Disk Products and Cartesian OvalsArticleBünger, Florian ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
3Oct-2019Lower Bounds for the Smallest Singular Value of Certain Toeplitz-like Triangular Matrices with Linearly Increasing Diagonal EntriesArticleBünger, Florian ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
42019The determinant of a complex matrix and Gershgorin circlesArticleBünger, Florian ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
51-Aug-2018Shrink wrapping for Taylor models revisitedArticleBünger, Florian 
615-Sep-2017A short note on the ratio between sign-real and sign-complex spectral radius of a real square matrixArticleBünger, Florian 
715-Nov-2016Yet more elementary proofs that the determinant of a symplectic matrix is 1ArticleBünger, Florian ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
82016A short note on the convexity of interval matrix-vector productsArticleBünger, Florian ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
925-Jul-2015Simple floating-point filters for the two-dimensional orientation problemArticleOzaki, Katsuhisa ; Bünger, Florian ; Ogita, Takeshi ; Oishi, Shin’ichi ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
101-Jul-2015Accelerating interval matrix multiplication by mixed precision arithmeticArticleOzaki, Katsuhisa ; Ogita, Takeshi ; Bünger, Florian ; Oishi, Shin’ichi 
1124-Mar-2015Improved error bounds for floating-point products and Horner’s schemeArticleRump, Siegfried M.  ; Bünger, Florian ; Jeannerod, Claude Pierre 
127-Aug-2014Inverses, determinants, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors of real symmetric Toeplitz matrices with linearly increasing entriesArticleBünger, Florian 
134-Jun-2014On the zeros of eigenpolynomials of hermitian Toeplitz matricesArticleBünger, Florian 
142014A note on the boundary shape of matrix polytope productsArticleBünger, Florian 
152011Verified solutions of two-point boundary value problems for nonlinear oscillatorsArticleBünger, Florian 
169-Jun-2010Minimizing and maximizing the Euclidean norm of the product of two polynomialsArticleBünger, Florian 
174-May-2009An extended similarity theory applied to heated flows in complex geometriesArticleBünger, Florian ; Herwig, Heinz 
182002Standard integral table algebras with a faithful nonreal element of degree 5Chapter (Book)Ārād, Ṣevî ; Bünger, Florian ; Fisman, E. ; Muzychuk, Mikhail 
1924-May-2001The product of two quadratic matricesArticleBünger, Florian ; Knüppel, Frieder ; Nielsen, Klaus 
201-Sep-1999A matrix-decomposition theorem for GLn (K)ArticleBünger, Florian ; Nielsen, Klaus