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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
116-Jun-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessMultivariate simulation of offshore weather time series: a comparison between markov chain, autoregressive, and long short-term memory modelsArticleEberle, Sebastian ; Cevasco, Debora ; Schwarzkopf, Marie-Antoinette ; Hollm, Marten  ; Seifried, Robert  
2Jun-2022Fulltext availableDesign and optimization of a wave energy converter for drifting sensor platforms in realistic ocean wavesArticleHarms, Julius  ; Hollm, Marten  ; Dostal, Leo ; Kern, Thorsten Alexander  ; Seifried, Robert  
3Jan-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessLocalized stationary seismic waves predicted using a nonlinear gradient elasticity modelArticleDostal, Leo ; Hollm, Marten  ; Metrikine, Andrei ; Tsouvalas, Apostolos ; Dalen, Karel N. van 
42022Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on Cylindrical Piles Subjected to Wind-Forced Random Nonlinear Water WavesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Hollm, Marten  ; Dostal, Leo ; Seifried, Robert  
52022Performance increase of wave energy harvesting of a guided point absorberArticleHollm, Marten  ; Dostal, Leo ; Yurchenko, Daniil ; Seifried, Robert  
625-Jan-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessStudy on the interaction of nonlinear water waves considering random seasChapter/Article (Proceedings)Hollm, Marten  ; Dostal, Leo ; Fischer, Hendrik ; Seifried, Robert  
71-Feb-2020Study on the behavior of weakly nonlinear water waves in the presence of random wind forcingArticleDostal, Leo ; Hollm, Marten  ; Kreuzer, Edwin 
8Sep-2019Study of weakly nonlinear water waves subjected to stochastic wind excitationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Hollm, Marten  ; Dostal, Leo