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1Dec-2020Towards bio-based plasticizers with reduced toxicity: Synthesis and performance testing of a 3-methylphthalateArticlePlass, Carmen ; Hiessl, Robert ; Kleber, Joscha ; Grimm, Axel ; Langsch, Angelika ; Otter, Rainer ; Liese, Andreas  ; Gröger, Harald 
214-Oct-2020Fatty alcohol synthesis from fatty acids at mild temperature by subsequent enzymatic esterification and metal-catalyzed hydrogenationArticleSchlipköter, Kim Elisabeth ; Betke, Tobias ; Kleber, Joscha ; Gröger, Harald ; Liese, Andreas  
328-Jun-2020FTIR based kinetic characterisation of an acid-catalysed esterification of 3-methylphthalic anhydride and 2-ethylhexanolArticleHiessl, Robert ; Hennecke, Leon ; Plass, Carmen ; Kleber, Joscha ; Wahlefeld, Stefan  ; Otter, Rainer ; Gröger, Harald ; Liese, Andreas  
415-Mar-2020Fermentative oxidation of butane in bubble column reactorsArticleSluyter, Gerrit ; Kleber, Joscha ; Perz, Frederic ; Grund, Bastian ; Leuchs, Susanne ; Sieberz, Simone ; Bubenheim, Paul  ; Thum, Oliver ; Liese, Andreas  
51-Nov-2019Determination of trace amounts with ATR FTIR spectroscopy and chemometrics: 5-(hydroxymethyl)furfural in honeyArticleStöbener, Anne-Kathrin Christine ; Naefken, Uta ; Kleber, Joscha ; Liese, Andreas  
67-Jun-2017In situ separation of the chiral target compound (S)-2-pentanol in biocatalytic reactive distillationArticleKühn, Steffen ; Sluyter, Gerrit ; Christlieb, Marc-Andreas ; Heils, Rene ; Stöbener, Anne-Kathrin Christine ; Kleber, Joscha ; Smirnova, Irina ; Liese, Andreas