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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
110-Jan-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessOptions to improve the mechanical properties of protein-based materialsArticleLamp, Anne ; Kaltschmitt, Martin ; Dethloff, Jan 
2Jun-2021Production of xylo-oligosaccharides from wheat straw using microwave assisted deep eutectic solvent pretreatmentArticleIsci Yakan, Asli ; Thieme, Nils ; Lamp, Anne ; Zverlov, Vladimir ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
32021Proteingewinnung aus BioethanolschlempeThesisLamp, Anne 
42021Optimization of hydrolysis conditions for xylans and straw hydrolysates by HPLC analysisArticleBeckendorff, Alexander ; Lamp, Anne ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
54-Aug-2020Effect of microwave-assisted deep eutectic solvent pretreatment on lignocellulosic structure and bioconversion of wheat strawArticleIsci, Asli ; Erdem, Gizem Melissa ; Bagder Elmaci, Simel ; Sakiyan, Ozge ; Lamp, Anne ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
6Jan-2020Protein recovery from bioethanol stillage by liquid hot water treatmentArticleLamp, Anne ; Kaltschmitt, Martin ; Lüdtke, Oliver 
72019The Biorefinery ApproachChapter (Book)Schmidt, Lisa ; Andersen, Lennart Folke ; Dieckmann, Christiane ; Lamp, Anne ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
810-Oct-2018Biogas plants as key units of biorefinery concepts: Options and their assessmentArticleAndersen, Lennart Folke ; Lamp, Anne ; Dieckmann, Christiane ; Baetge, Sven ; Schmidt, Lisa M. ; Kaltschmitt, Martin 
915-Feb-2018Improved HPLC-method for estimation and correction of amino acid losses during hydrolysis of unknown samplesArticleLamp, Anne ; Kaltschmitt, Martin ; Lüdtke, Oliver