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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
13-Jul-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessOptimizing lightweight structures with particle damping using frequency based substructuringArticleOltmann, Jan ; Hartwich, Tobias ; Krause, Dieter  
2Sep-2019A digitized approach to reduce assembly conflicts during aircraft cabin conversionsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Laukotka, Fabian ; Oltmann, Jan ; Krause, Dieter  
3Jan-2019Technology Innovations For A Faster Aircraft Cabin ConversionPresentationConstantin Deneke  ; Oltmann, Jan ; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten  ; Krause, Dieter  
42019Technology innovations for a faster aircraft cabin conversionChapter/Article (Proceedings)Deneke, Constantin  ; Oltmann, Jan ; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten  ; Krause, Dieter  
52018Design of particle dampers for lightweight structures using frequency based substructuringChapter/Article (Proceedings)Oltmann, Jan ; Hartwich, Tobias Simeon ; Krause, Dieter  
6Oct-2017Optimierung der Verbindungsstellen von Sand-wichstrukturen mit additiv gefertigtem KernChapter/Article (Proceedings)Schwenke, Johann Christoph ; Oltmann, Jan ; Krause, Dieter  
72016Additively manufactured components for structural applications in aircraft interior - Two case studiesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Oltmann, Jan ; Seemann, Ralf ; Spallek, Johanna ; Krause, Dieter  
87-Oct-2015An adjustable impedance element - System requirements and design approachChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bruchmüller, Tim ; Mangold, Sebastian ; Matthiesen, Sven ; Oltmann, Jan ; Rasmussen, Olaf ; Krause, Dieter  ; Stücheli, Marius ; Meboldt, Mirko