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17-Aug-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessNew insights in the morphological characterization and modelling of poly(ε-caprolactone) bone scaffolds obtained by supercritical CO₂ foamingArticleSantos-Rosales, Víctor ; Gallo, Marta ; Jaeger, Philip ; Alvarez-Lorenzo, Carmen ; Gómez-Amoza, José Luis ; García-González, Carlos A. 
215-Jun-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessAssessment of supercritical CO2 extraction as a method for plastic waste decontaminationArticleAlassali, Ayah ; Aboud, Noor ; Kuchta, Kerstin  ; Jaeger, Philip ; Zeinolebadi, Ahmad 
3Feb-2019The Pressure is On: Understanding Deep Oil Spills in the Ultra-Deep EnvironmentChapter/Article (Proceedings)Schlüter, Matthias ; Aman, Z. M. ; Paris, C. B. ; Oldenburg, Thomas B. P. ; Pesch, Simeon Jacob ; Malone, Karen ; Krause, Dieter  ; Jaggi, Aprami ; Jaeger, Philip 
49-Aug-2018Significant solubility of carbon dioxide in Soluplus® facilitates impregnation of ibuprofen using supercritical fluid technologyArticleObaidat, Rana ; Alnaief, Mohammad ; Jaeger, Philip 
5Apr-2018Rise velocity of live-oil droplets in deep-sea oil spillsArticlePesch, Simeon Jacob ; Jaeger, Philip ; Jaggi, Aprami ; Malone, Karen ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Krause, Dieter  ; Oldenburg, Thomas B. P. ; Schlüter, Michael 
6Mar-2018Preparation and stability of dexamethasone-loaded polymeric scaffolds for bone regeneration processed by compressed CO₂ foamingArticleGoimil, Leticia ; Jaeger, Philip ; Ardao, Inés ; Gómez-Amoza, José Luis ; Concheiro, Angel ; Alvarez-Lorenzo, Carmen ; García-González, Carlos A. 
71-Jan-2016Functionalization of polycaprolactone/hydroxyapatite scaffolds with Usnea lethariiformis extract by using supercritical CO₂ArticleFanovich, Alejandra ; Ivanovic, Jasna ; Zizovic, Irena ; Misic, D. ; Jaeger, Philip 
82016Supercritical CO2 sorption kinetics and thymol impregnation of PCL and PCL-HAArticleIvanovic, Jasna ; Knauer, Sandra ; Fanovich, Alejandra ; Milovanovic, Stoja ; Stamenic, Marko ; Jaeger, Philip ; Zizovic, Irena ; Eggers, Rudolf 
92015An integrated supercritical extraction and impregnation process for production of antibacterial scaffoldsChapter (Book)Fanovich, Alejandra ; Ivanovic, Jasna ; Jaeger, Philip 
1023-Mar-2013Development of polycaprolactone scaffold with antibacterial activity by an integrated supercritical extraction and impregnation processArticleFanovich, Alejandra ; Ivanovic, Jasna ; Mišić, Dušan R. ; Alvarez, María V. ; Jaeger, Philip ; Zizovic, Irena ; Eggers, Rudolf 
1124-Jan-2013Influence of different pre-treatment methods on isolation of extracts with strong antibacterial activity from lichen Usnea barbata using carbon dioxide as a solventArticleIvanovic, Jasna ; Meyer, Florian ; Mišić, Dušan R. ; Asanin, Jelena ; Jaeger, Philip ; Zizovic, Irena ; Eggers, Rudolf 
122006Fulltext availableOpen AccessExtraction/fractionation and deacidification of wheat germ oil using supercritical carbon dioxideArticleZacchi, Pablo ; Daghero, J. ; Jaeger, Philip ; Eggers, Rudolf