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1Jul-2019Evaluation of the capability of the simulated dual energy X-ray absorptiometry-based two-dimensional finite element models for predicting vertebral failure loadsArticleLu, Yongtao ; Zhu, Yifan ; Krause, Matthias ; Huber, Gerd ; Li, Junyan 
222-Aug-2018Variogram-based evaluations of DXA correlate with vertebral strength, but do not enhance the prediction compared to aBMD aloneArticleDong, Xuanliang Neil ; Lu, Yongtao ; Krause, Matthias ; Huber, Gerd ; Chevalier, Yan ; Leng, Huijie ; Maquer, Ghislain 
31-Aug-2016The initial slope of the variogram, foundation of the trabecular bone score, is not or is poorly associated with vertebral strengthArticleMaquer, Ghislain ; Lu, Yongtao ; Dall'Ara, Enrico ; Chevalier, Yan ; Krause, Matthias ; Yang, Lang ; Eastell, Richard ; Lippuner, Kurt ; Zysset, Philippe K. 
42014Effects of long-term alendronate treatment on bone mineralisation, resorption parameters and biomechanics of single human vertebral trabeculaeArticleKrause, Matthias ; Soltau, M. ; Zimmermann, Elizabeth A. ; Hahn, Michael ; Kornet, Jacob Jan ; Hapfelmeier, A. ; Breer, Stefan ; Morlock, Michael ; Wulff, Birgit ; Püschel, Klaus ; Glüer, Claus Christian ; Amling, Michael ; Busse, Björn 
52013New horizons for the in vivo assessment of major aspects of bone quality : microstructure and material properties assessed by Quantitative Computed Tomography and Quantitative Ultrasound methods developed by the BioAsset consortiumReview (Article)Glüer, Claus Christian ; Krause, Matthias ; Museyko, Oleg ; Wulff, Birgit ; Campbell, Graeme Michael ; Damm, Timo ; Daugschies, Melanie ; Huber, Gerd ; Lu, Yongtao ; Peña, Jaime Andrés ; Waldhausen, Sonja ; Bastgen, Jan ; Rohde, Kerstin ; Breer, Stefan ; Steinebach, Inga ; Thomsen, Felix Sebastian Leo ; Amling, Michael ; Barkmann, Reinhard ; Engelke, Klaus ; Morlock, Michael ; Pfeilschifter, Johannes ; Püschel, Klaus 
616-Dec-2011Analysis of retrieved hip resurfacing arthroplasties reveals the interrelationship between interface hyperosteoidosis and demineralization of viable bone trabeculaeArticleBreer, Stefan ; Krause, Matthias ; Busse, Björn ; Hahn, Michael ; Rüther, Wolfgang ; Morlock, Michael ; Amling, Michael ; Zustin, Jozef