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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
11-Sep-2021A novel smoothed particle hydrodynamics and finite element coupling scheme for fluid-structure interaction: the sliding boundary particle approachArticleFuchs, Sebastian Leonhard ; Meier, Christoph ; Wall, Wolfgang A. ; Cyron, Christian J. 
222-Aug-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessPhysics-based modeling and predictive simulation of powder bed fusion additive manufacturing across length scalesArticleMeier, Christoph ; Fuchs, Sebastian Leonhard ; Much, Nils ; Nitzler, Jonas ; Penny, Ryan W. ; Praegla, Patrick M. ; Proell, Sebastian D. ; Sun, Yushen ; Weissbach, Reimar ; Schreter, Magdalena ; Hodge, Neil E. ; Hart, A. John ; Wall, Wolfgang A. 
328-Jun-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessAn SPH framework for fluid–solid and contact interaction problems including thermo-mechanical coupling and reversible phase transitionsArticleFuchs, Sebastian Leonhard ; Meier, Christoph ; Wall, Wolfgang A. ; Cyron, Christian J. 
425-Jun-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessA computational framework for modeling cell–matrix interactions in soft biological tissuesArticleEichinger, Jonas ; Grill, Maximilian ; Davoodi Kermani, Iman ; Aydin, Roland C. ; Wall, Wolfgang A. ; Humphrey, Jay Dowell ; Cyron, Christian J. 
520-Apr-2021A novel smoothed particle hydrodynamics formulation for thermo-capillary phase change problems with focus on metal additive manufacturing melt pool modelingArticleMeier, Christoph ; Fuchs, Sebastian Leonhard ; Hart, A. John ; Wall, Wolfgang A. 
6May-2019Challenges of order reduction techniques for problems involving polymorphic uncertaintyArticlePivovarov, Dmytro ; Willner, Kai ; Steinmann, Paul ; Brumme, Stephan ; Müller, Michael ; Srisupattarawanit, Tarin ; Ostermeyer, Georg Peter ; Henning, Carla ; Ricken, Tim ; Kastian, Steffen ; Reese, Stefanie ; Moser, Dieter ; Grasedyck, Lars ; Biehler, Jonas ; Pfaller, Martin ; Wall, Wolfgang ; Kohlsche, Thomas ; Estorff, Otto von ; Gruhlke, Robert ; Eigel, Martin ; Ehre, Max ; Papaioannou, Iason ; Straub, Daniel ; Leyendecker, Sigrid