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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
1Dec-2020An SIW-Based GaN Power Amplifier Module in LTCCArticleRave, Christian ; Jacob, Arne F. 
22019Ein Beitrag zur Integration von Halbleiterleistungsverstärkern in Sendeantennen für KommunikationssatellitenThesisRave, Christian 
3May-2017Substrate-Integrated-Waveguide E-Plane 3-dB Power-Divider/Combiner Based on Resistive LayersArticlePasian, Marco ; Silvestri, Lorenzo ; Rave, Christian ; Bozzi, Maurizio ; Perregrini, Luca ; Jacob, Arne ; Samanta, Kamal K. 
49-Aug-20163D-printed low-cost, low-loss microwave components up to 40 GHzChapter/Article (Proceedings)Rohrdantz, Benjamin ; Rave, Christian ; Jacob, Arne 
59-Aug-2016A substrate integrated matched load with embedded resistive thick filmChapter/Article (Proceedings)Rave, Christian ; Jacob, Arne 
6Aug-2016A Design Approach for Tapered Waveguide to Substrate-Integrated Waveguide TransitionsArticleRave, Christian ; Jacob, Arne 
714-Jun-2016Architectures for efficient power sharing in active multiple-feed-per-beam satellite antennasChapter/Article (Proceedings)Rave, Christian ; Jacob, Arne 
827-Apr-2016Active multi-feed satcom systems with GaN SSPA at K-bandChapter/Article (Proceedings)Feuerschütz, Philip ; Rave, Christian ; Samis, Stanislav ; Friesicke, Christian ; Quay, Rüdiger ; Konrath, Willibald ; Hirche, Klaus ; Schobert, Dennis ; Schneider, Michael ; Jacob, Arne 
92016A K-band multiple-feed-per-beam transmitter with GaN-power amplifiersChapter/Article (Proceedings)Rave, Christian ; Feuerschütz, Philip ; Samis, Stanislav ; Schobert, Dennis ; Schneider, Michael ; Friesicke, Christian ; Quay, Rüdiger ; Kühn, Jutta ; Jacob, Arne 
102016A compensated dual-band SPDT switch for radar duplexers at S- and X-BandChapter/Article (Proceedings)Hansen, Nils ; Rave, Christian ; Rohrdantz, Benjamin ; Jacob, Arne 
112-Dec-2015A multilayer substrate integrated 3 dB power divider with embedded thick film resistorChapter/Article (Proceedings)Rave, Christian ; Jacob, Arne 
1215-May-2015A wideband radial substrate integrated power divider at K-bandChapter/Article (Proceedings)Rave, Christian ; Jacob, Arne 
13Mar-2014A compact bandpass filter integrated SPDT pin switch at X-bandChapter/Article (Proceedings)Rave, Christian ; Storjohann, Fynn Ove ; Jacob, Arne F. 
142013A curved-edge dipole antenna for UWB applicationsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Rave, Christian ; Jaschke, Thomas  ; Rohrdantz, Benjamin ; Jacob, Arne