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1Jul-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessPerformance of the BGSDC integrator for computing fast ion trajectories in nuclear fusion reactorsArticleTretiak, Krasymyr ; Buchanan, James ; Akers, Rob ; Ruprecht, Daniel  
223-Sep-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessPerformance of parallel-in-time integration for Rayleigh Bénard convectionArticleClarke, Andrew T. ; Davies, Christopher J. ; Ruprecht, Daniel  ; Tobias, Steven M. ; Oishi, Jeffrey S. 
323-Sep-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessParareal with a learned coarse model for robotic manipulationArticleAgboh, Wisdom ; Grainger, Oliver ; Ruprecht, Daniel  ; Dogar, Mehmet R, 
424-Mar-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessParallel-in-time integration of kinematic dynamosArticleClarke, Andrew T. ; Davies, Christopher J. ; Ruprecht, Daniel  ; Tobias, Steven M. 
523-Aug-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessAn arbitrary order time-stepping algorithm for tracking particles in inhomogeneous magnetic fieldsArticleTretiak, Krasymyr ; Ruprecht, Daniel  
62019A comparison of EGR correction factor models based on SI engine dataArticleSmith, Jamie Karl ; Ruprecht, Daniel  ; Roberts, Philip John ; Kountouriotis, Alexandros ; Aleiferis, Pavlos ; Richardson, David 
76-Jul-2018Thermodynamic modelling of a stratified charge spark ignition engineArticleSmith, Jamie Karl ; Roberts, Phil ; Kountouriotis, Alexandros ; Richardson, David ; Aleiferis, Pavlos ; Ruprecht, Daniel  
829-May-2018Wave propagation characteristics of PararealArticleRuprecht, Daniel  
910-Jan-2018Toward transient finite element simulation of thermal deformation of machine tools in real-timeArticleNaumann, Andreas ; Ruprecht, Daniel  ; Wensch, Jörg 
108-May-2017Time parallel gravitational collapse simulationArticleKreienbuehl, Andreas ; Benedusi, Pietro ; Ruprecht, Daniel  ; Krause, Rolf 
11Feb-2017Toward fault-tolerant parallel-in-time integration with PFASSTArticleSpeck, Robert ; Ruprecht, Daniel  
122017Shared memory pipelined pararealArticleRuprecht, Daniel  
132017Holistic data centres : next generation data and thermal energy infrastructuresChapter/Article (Proceedings)Townend, Paul ; Xu, Jie ; Summers, Jon ; Ruprecht, Daniel  ; Thompson, Harvey 
1416-Aug-2016Spectral deferred corrections with fast-wave slow-wave splittingArticleRuprecht, Daniel  ; Speck, Robert 
152016Inexact spectral deferred correctionsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Speck, Robert ; Ruprecht, Daniel  ; Minion, Michael ; Emmett, Matthew ; Krause, Rolf 
162016Parareal for diffusion problems with spaceand time-dependent coefficientsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Ruprecht, Daniel  ; Speck, Robert ; Krause, Rolf 
178-Dec-2015Verification of cardiac mechanics software: Benchmark problems and solutions for testing active and passivematerial behaviourArticleLand, Sander ; Gurev, Viatcheslav ; Arens, Sander ; Augustin, Christoph M. ; Baron, Lukas ; Blake, Robert ; Bradley, Chris ; Castro, Sebastian ; Crozier, Andrew ; Favino, Marco ; Fastl, Thomas E. ; Fritz, Thomas ; Gao, Hao ; Gizzi, Alessio ; Griffith, Boyce E. ; Hurtado, Daniel E. ; Krause, Rolf ; Luo, Xiaoyu ; Nash, Martyn P. ; Pezzuto, Simone ; Plank, Gernot ; Rossi, Simone ; Ruprecht, Daniel  ; Seemann, Gunnar ; Smith, Nicolas P. ; Sundnes, Joakim ; Jeremy Rice, J. ; Trayanova, Natalia ; Wang, Dafang ; Wang, Zhinuo Jenny ; Niederer, Steven A. 
1821-Oct-2015EWE : toward electro-mechanical cardiac simulations with MOOSEArticleRuprecht, Daniel  ; Winkel, Mathias ; Krause, Rolf 
1921-Oct-2015Does Boris-SDC conserve phase space volume?ArticleWinkel, Mathias ; Speck, Robert ; Ruprecht, Daniel  
2030-Sep-2015A multi-level spectral deferred correction methodArticleSpeck, Robert ; Ruprecht, Daniel  ; Emmett, Matthew ; Minion, Michael ; Bolten, Matthias ; Krause, Rolf