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15-Jun-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessInfrared spectroscopy elucidates the inhibitor binding sites in a metal-dependent formate dehydrogenaseArticleLaun, Konstantin ; Duffus, Benjamin R. ; Wahlefeld, Stefan Malte  ; Katz, Sagie ; Belger, Dennis ; Hildebrandt, Peter ; Mroginski, Maria Andrea ; Leimkühler, Silke ; Zebger, Ingo 
228-Jun-2020FTIR based kinetic characterisation of an acid-catalysed esterification of 3-methylphthalic anhydride and 2-ethylhexanolArticleHiessl, Robert ; Hennecke, Leon ; Plass, Carmen ; Kleber, Joscha ; Wahlefeld, Stefan  ; Otter, Rainer ; Gröger, Harald ; Liese, Andreas  
324-Jan-2019Comparison of molybdenum and rhenium oxo bis-pyrazine-dithiolene complexes-in search of an alternative metal centre for molybdenum cofactor modelsArticleChrysochos, Nicolas ; Ahmadi, Mohsen ; Wahlefeld, Stefan  ; Rippers, Yvonne ; Zebger, Ingo ; Mroginski, Maria Andrea ; Schulzke, Carola 
429-Sep-2017Enzymatic and spectroscopic properties of a thermostable [NiFe]‑hydrogenase performing H₂-driven NAD⁺-reduction in the presence of O₂ArticlePreissler, Janina ; Wahlefeld, Stefan  ; Lorent, Christian ; Teutloff, Christian ; Horch, Marius ; Lauterbach, Lars ; Cramer, Stephen P ; Zebger, Ingo ; Lenz, Oliver 
514-Jul-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessRedox-dependent substrate-cofactor interactions in the Michaelis-complex of a flavin-dependent oxidoreductaseArticleWerther, Tobias ; Wahlefeld, Stefan  ; Salewski, Johannes ; Kuhlmann, Uwe ; Zebger, Ingo ; Hildebrandt, Peter ; Dobbek, Holger 
612-Jan-2017An S-Oxygenated [NiFe] Complex Modelling Sulfenate Intermediates of an O₂-Tolerant HydrogenaseArticleLindenmaier, Nils J ; Wahlefeld, Stefan  ; Bill, Eckhard ; Szilvási, Tibor ; Eberle, Christopher ; Yao, Shenglai ; Hildebrandt, Peter ; Horch, Marius ; Zebger, Ingo ; Driess, Matthias 
717-Dec-2014Impact of the iron-sulfur cluster proximal to the active site on the catalytic function of an O₂-tolerant NAD⁺-reducing [NiFe]-hydrogenaseArticleKarstens, Katja ; Wahlefeld, Stefan  ; Horch, Marius ; Grunzel, Miriam ; Lauterbach, Lars ; Lendzian, Friedhelm ; Zebger, Ingo ; Lenz, Oliver