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14-Feb-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessContactless analysis of heart rate variability during cold pressor test using radar interferometry and bidirectional LSTM networksArticleShi, Kilin ; Steigleder, Tobias ; Schellenberger, Sven  ; Michler, Fabian ; Malessa, Anke ; Lurz, Fabian ; Rohleder, Nicolas ; Ostgathe, Christoph ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
216-Dec-2020Channel Characterization at 77 GHz for Vehicular CommunicationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Lubke, Maximilian ; Hamoud, Hussein ; Fuchs, Jonas ; Dubey, Anand ; Weigel, Robert ; Lurz, Fabian 
326-Nov-2020Low-profile and low-cost transmitarray antenna at 122 GHz based on unit-cells with 1-bit phase resolutionArticleFrank, Martin ; Lurz, Fabian ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
415-Oct-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessContinuous In-Bed Monitoring of Vital Signs Using a Multi Radar Setup for Freely Moving PatientsArticleSchellenberger, Sven  ; Shi, Kilin ; Michler, Fabian ; Lurz, Fabian ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
55-Oct-2020Rotary Coupler in Microstrip Line Design for Data Transmission in the 2.45GHz ISM BandChapter/Article (Proceedings)Scheiner, Benedict ; Beck, Christopher ; Lurz, Fabian ; Frank, Martin ; Michler, Fabian ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
6Oct-2020Low-Weight Wireless Sensor Node With Sensor-Data-Enhanced Dual-Frequency RSSI-Based Distance EstimationArticleDuda, Niklas ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
721-Sep-2020Region based Single-Stage Interference Mitigation and Target DetectionChapter/Article (Proceedings)Dubey, Anand ; Fuchs, Jonas ; Madhavan, Venkat ; Lubke, Maximilian ; Weigel, Robert ; Lurz, Fabian 
8Jun-2020Simulation Environment of a Communication System Using CDMA at 77 GHzChapter/Article (Proceedings)Lubke, Maximilian ; Fuchs, Jonas ; Shatov, Victor ; Dubey, Anand ; Weigel, Robert ; Lurz, Fabian 
9Mar-2020Channel Measurements for the Evaluation of Evolving Next Generation Wireless Railway Communication ApplicationsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Elkholy, Kariem ; Lichtblau, Johann ; Reissland, Torsten ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
1013-Feb-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessA dataset of clinically recorded radar vital signs with synchronised reference sensor signalsArticleSchellenberger, Sven  ; Shi, Kilin ; Steigleder, Tobias ; Malessa, Anke ; Michler, Fabian ; Hameyer, Laura ; Neumann, Nina ; Lurz, Fabian ; Weigel, Robert ; Ostgathe, Christoph ; Kölpin, Alexander  
1113-Feb-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessA dataset of radar-recorded heart sounds and vital signs including synchronised reference sensor signalsArticleShi, Kilin ; Schellenberger, Sven  ; Will, Christoph ; Steigleder, Tobias ; Michler, Fabian ; Fuchs, Jonas ; Weigel, Robert ; Ostgathe, Christoph ; Kölpin, Alexander  
12Feb-2020Universal low-cost transmitarray antenna design at 61 GHz for beam steering with different feed antennasChapter/Article (Proceedings)Frank, Martin ; Lurz, Fabian ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
13Feb-2020Low-Weight Noninvasive Heart Beat Detector for Small Airborne VertebratesArticleDuda, Niklas ; Ripperger, Simon ; Mayer, Frieder ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
14Jan-2020An Automatic Detection and Data Downlink System for Miniature Bat LoggersChapter/Article (Proceedings)Erhardt, Stefan ; Koller, Josef ; Lurz, Fabian ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
15Jan-2020An Ultra Broadband Multi-Tone Six-Port Radar for Distance Measurements in K-Band WaveguidesArticleHeining, Simon ; Michler, Fabian ; Scheiner, Benedict ; Hassan, Emadeldeen ; Kölpin, Alexander  ; Weigel, Robert ; Lurz, Fabian 
16Jan-2020Miniaturized Ultra-Wideband Antenna Design for Human ImplantsArticleFrank, Matthias ; Lurz, Fabian ; Kempf, Markus ; Rober, Jürgen ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
172020Track-before-detect short range radar system for industrial applicationsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Reissland, Torsten ; Sporer, Michael ; Scheiner, Benedict ; Pflaum, Felix ; Hagelauer, Amelie ; Weigel, Robert ; Lurz, Fabian 
182020Design and Assembly of Miniature Long-Term Trackers for Migrating BatsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Erhardt, Stefan ; Tost, F. ; Lurz, Fabian ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
192020Nothing Beats SNR: Single-Digit Micrometer Ranging Using a Low-Power CW Radar Featuring a Low-Weight 3D-Printed Horn AntennaArticleScheiner, Benedict ; Michler, Fabian ; Lurz, Fabian ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
202020Multilayer Topology Optimization of Wideband SIW-to-Waveguide TransitionsArticleHassan, Emadeldeen ; Scheiner, Benedict ; Michler, Fabian ; Berggren, Martin ; Wadbro, E. ; Röhrl, F. ; Zorn, Stefan ; Weigel, Robert ; Lurz, Fabian