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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
1Nov-2016Test Method for Contactless On-Wafer MEMS Characterization and Production MonitoringArticleLinz, Sarah ; Oesterle, Florian ; Lindner, Stefan ; Mann, Sebastian ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
2Jan-2015100 GHz reflectometer for sensitivity analysis of MEMS sensors comprising an intermediate frequency Six-port receiverChapter/Article (Proceedings)Linz, Sarah ; Oesterle, Florian ; Talai, Armin ; Lindner, Stefan ; Mann, Sebastian ; Barbon, Francesco ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
31-Dec-2013A novel, W-band microwave based contactless test method for mechanical sensitivity analysis of MEMSChapter/Article (Proceedings)Oesterle, Florian ; Vinci, Gabor ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
4Nov-2013A new approach on MEMS sensor batch testing using an analogue parallel test methodology for massive reduction of test timeChapter/Article (Proceedings)Oesterle, Florian ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
5Oct-2013Evaluation of a microwave based contact-free testing method for mechanical sensitivity analysis of MEMS for inline integration of on-wafer measurementsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Oesterle, Florian ; Gardill, Markus ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
6Oct-2013Six-Port technology for precise geometrical measurement applications - An overviewChapter/Article (Proceedings)Kölpin, Alexander  ; Vinci, Gabor ; Lindner, Stefan ; Mann, Sebastian ; Barbon, Francesco ; Linz, Sarah ; Oesterle, Florian ; Weigel, Robert 
712-Aug-2013A Large deflection model of silicon membranes for testing intrinsic stress of MEMS microphones by measuring pull-in voltageChapter/Article (Proceedings)Oesterle, Florian ; Fink, Franz ; Kuhn, Harald ; Dehe, Alfons ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
82013Ultra-wideband small antenna subarray module with narrow elevation patternChapter/Article (Proceedings)Gardill, Markus ; Schneider, Jurij ; Oesterle, Florian ; Fischer, Georg ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander