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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
1Aug-2023Automatic extraction of security-rich dataflow diagrams for microservice applications written in JavaArticleSchneider, Simon ; Scandariato, Riccardo 
219-Mar-2023Regret, Delete, (Do Not) Repeat: An Analysis of Self-Cleaning Practices on Twitter After the Outbreak of the COVID-19 PandemicChapter/Article (Proceedings)Díaz Ferreyra, Nicolás  ; Shahi, Gautam Kishore ; Tony, Catherine  ; Stieglitz, Stefan ; Scandariato, Riccardo 
320-Feb-2023CASCADE: An Asset-driven Approach to Build Security Assurance Cases for Automotive SystemsArticleMohamad, Mazen ; Jolak, Rodi ; Askerdal, Örjan ; Steghöfer, Jan-Philipp ; Scandariato, Riccardo 
413-Feb-2023Microservice Security Metrics for Secure Communication, Identity Management, and ObservabilityArticleZdun, Uwe ; Queval, Pierre-Jean ; Simhandl, Georg ; Scandariato, Riccardo ; Chakravarty, Somik ; Jelić, Marjan ; Jovanovic, Aleksandar 
5Dec-2022GitHub Considered Harmful? Analyzing Open-Source Projects for the Automatic Generation of Cryptographic API Call SequencesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Tony, Catherine  ; Díaz Ferreyra, Nicolás  ; Scandariato, Riccardo 
6Nov-2022Identifying security-related requirements in regulatory documents based on cross-project classificationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Mohamad, Mazen ; Steghöfer, Jan-Philipp ; Åström, Alexander ; Scandariato, Riccardo 
7Aug-2022Towards a Security Benchmark for the Architectural Design of Microservice ApplicationsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bambhore Tukaram, Anusha ; Schneider, Simon ; Díaz Ferreyra, Nicolás  ; Simhandl, Georg ; Zdun, Uwe ; Scandariato, Riccardo 
8Aug-2022STRIPED: A Threat Analysis Method for IoT SystemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Srikumar, Kamakshi ; Kashish, Komal ; Eggers, Kolja ; Díaz Ferreyra, Nicolás  ; Koch, Julian  ; Schüppstuhl, Thorsten  ; Scandariato, Riccardo 
9Aug-2022SoK: Security of Microservice Applications: A Practitioners' Perspective on Challenges and Best PracticesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Billawa, Priyanka ; Bambhore Tukaram, Anusha ; Díaz Ferreyra, Nicolás  ; Steghöfer, Jan-Philipp ; Scandariato, Riccardo ; Simhandl, Georg 
10Aug-2022Precise Analysis of Purpose Limitation in Data Flow DiagramsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Alshareef, Hanaa ; Tuma, Katja ; Stucki, Sandro ; Schneider, Gerardo ; Scandariato, Riccardo 
11Aug-2022RIPOSTE: A Collaborative Cyber Attack Response Framework for Automotive SystemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Jolak, Rodi ; Rosenstatter, Thomas ; Aldaghistani, Saif ; Scandariato, Riccardo 
12Jul-2022Maestro: A platform for benchmarking automatic program repair tools on software vulnerabilitiesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Pinconschi, Eduard ; Bui, Quang Cuong ; Abreu, Rui ; Adão, Pedro ; Scandariato, Riccardo 
13Jun-2022Conversational DevBots for Secure Programming: An Empirical Study on SKF ChatbotChapter/Article (Proceedings)Tony, Catherine  ; Balasubramanian, Mohana ; Díaz Ferreyra, Nicolás  ; Scandariato, Riccardo 
14May-2022Vul4J: A Dataset of Reproducible Java Vulnerabilities Geared Towards the Study of Program Repair TechniquesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bui, Quang Cuong ; Scandariato, Riccardo ; Díaz Ferreyra, Nicolás  
15Apr-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessCONSERVE: A framework for the selection of techniques for monitoring containers securityArticleJolak, Rodi ; Rosenstatter, Thomas ; Mohamad, Mazen ; Strandberg, Kim ; Sangchoolie, Behrooz ; Nowdehi, Nasser ; Scandariato, Riccardo 
1618-Mar-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessChecking security compliance between models and codeArticleTuma, Katja ; Peldszus, Sven ; Strüber, Daniel ; Scandariato, Riccardo ; Jürjens, Jan 
17Sep-2021Finding security threats that matter: Two industrial case studiesArticleTuma, Katja ; Sandberg, Christian ; Thorsson, Urban ; Widman, Mathias ; Herpel, Thomas ; Scandariato, Riccardo 
18Jun-2021Asset-driven Security Assurance Cases with Built-in Quality AssuranceChapter/Article (Proceedings)Mohamad, Mazen ; Askerdal, Örjan ; Jolak, Rodi ; Steghöfer, Jan-Philipp ; Scandariato, Riccardo 
1918-May-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessSecurity assurance cases - state of the art of an emerging approachArticleMohamad, Mazen ; Steghöfer, Jan-Philipp ; Scandariato, Riccardo 
20May-2021Secure Software Development in the Era of Fluid Multi-party Open Software and ServicesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Pashchenko, Ivan ; Scandariato, Riccardo ; Sabetta, Antonino ; Massacci, Fabio