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12016Fulltext availableOpen AccessDigital beamforming antenna array with polarisation multiplexing for mobile high-speed satellite terminals at Ka-bandArticleRohrdantz, Benjamin ; Kuhlmann, Karsten ; Stark, Alexander ; Geise, Alexander ; Jacob, Arne 
2Nov-2014A circularly polarized antenna array with integrated calibration probesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Rohrdantz, Benjamin ; Stark, Alexander ; Hawamdah, Esam ; Jacob, Arne F. 
3Nov-2014A vertical interconnect with DC-block using a low-cost technology at mm-wave frequenciesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Friesicke, Christian ; Rohrdantz, Benjamin ; Stark, Alexander ; Jacob, Arne 
4Oct-2011Complex loads for millimeter-wave digital phase shifter designChapter/Article (Proceedings)Stark, Alexander ; Jacob, Arne F. 
5Jun-2011In-situ probes for patch antenna array calibrationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Stark, Alexander ; Rohrdantz, Benjamin ; Johannsen, Ulf ; Jacob, Arne F. 
6Mar-2011Broadband array element with polarization multiplexing at K-bandChapter/Article (Proceedings)Stark, Alexander ; Jacob, Arne F. 
72011Broadband patch antenna with polarization multiplexing for K-Band array applicationsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Stark, Alexander ; Jacob, Arne F. 
8Sep-2010In-situ probes for antenna array calibrationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Stark, Alexander ; Johannsen, Ulf ; Jacob, Arne 
9Sep-2010Buried EBG structures for antenna array applicationsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Stark, Alexander ; Brosius, Sascha ; Jacob, Arne 
105-Aug-2010A single-feed star-slot-coupled patch antenna with circular polarizationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Stark, Alexander ; Jacob, Arne F. 
11Aug-2010A packaged ultrawideband filter with high stopband rejectionArticleStark, Alexander ; Friesicke, Christian ; Müller, Johannes ; Jacob, Arne F. 
12Oct-2009Defected and floating ground structures for vertical interconnectsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Stark, Alexander ; Olbert, H. ; Jacob, Arne F. 
13Mar-2009SANTANA: Advanced electronically steerable antennas at Ka-BandChapter/Article (Proceedings)Stark, Alexander ; Dreher, Achim ; Fischer, Hendrik ; Geise, Alexander ; Gieron, Roman ; Heckler, Marcos Vinício Thomas ; Holzwarth, Sybille ; Hunscher, Christian ; Jacob, Arne F. ; Kuhlmann, K. ; Litschke, Oliver ; Lohmann, Dirk ; Simon, W. ; Wotzel, F. ; Zahn, D. 
142008Broadband EBG structures with compact unit cellChapter/Article (Proceedings)Stark, Alexander ; Prorok, Stefan ; Jacob, Arne 
152008A broadband vertical transition for millimeter-wave applicationsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Stark, Alexander ; Jacob, Arne