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11-Sep-2020Real-time Test Platform for Enabling Grid Service Virtualisation in Cyber Physical Energy SystemChapter/Article (Proceedings)Krüger, Carsten ; Narayan, Anand ; Castro, Felipe ; Hassan, Batoul Hage ; Attarha, Shadi ; Babazadeh, Davood  ; Lehnhoff, Sebastian 
22-Aug-2020Grid function virtualization for reliable provision of services in cyber-physical energy systemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Narayan, Anand ; Hassan, Batoul Hage ; Attarha, Shadi ; Krüger, Carsten ; Babazadeh, Davood  ; Lehnhoff, Sebastian 
32-May-2020Virtualization management concept for flexible and fault-tolerant smart grid service provisionArticleAttarha, Shadi ; Narayan, Anand ; Hassan, Batoul Hage ; Krüger, Carsten ; Castro, Felipe ; Babazadeh, Davood  ; Lehnhoff, Sebastian 
42020Trust assessment of power system statesArticleBrand, Michael ; Babazadeh, Davood  ; Krüger, Carsten ; Siemers, Björn ; Lehnhoff, Sebastian 
5Jul-2019Towards Virtualization of Operational Technology to Enable Large-Scale System TestingChapter/Article (Proceedings)Ansari, Shoaib ; Castro, Felipe ; Weller, Dennis ; Babazadeh, Davood  ; Lehnhoff, Sebastian 
6Jun-2019Flexible and reconfigurable automation architecture for electrical power systemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Velasquez, Jorge ; Krüger, Carsten ; Babazadeh, Davood  ; Lehnhoff, Sebastian ; Palaniappan, Rajkumar ; Bauernschmitt, Bjorn ; Hilbrich, Dominik ; Rehtanz, Christian 
7Jun-2018Future perspectives of co-simulation in the smart grid domainChapter/Article (Proceedings)Steinbrink, Cornelius ; Schlögl, Florian ; Babazadeh, Davood  ; Lehnhoff, Sebastian ; Rohjans, Sebastian ; Narayan, Anand 
81-Feb-2018Smart grid co-simulation with MOSAIK and HLA: a comparison studyArticleSteinbrink, Cornelius ; van der Meer, Arjen A. ; Cvetković, Miloš ; Babazadeh, Davood  ; Rohjans, Sebastian ; Palensky, Peter ; Lehnhoff, Sebastian 
92018Co-simulation set-up for testing controller interactions in distribution networksChapter/Article (Proceedings)Velasquez, Jorge ; Castro, Felipe ; Babazadeh, Davood  ; Lehnhoff, Sebastian ; Kumm, Thomas ; Heuberger, Daniel ; Treydel, Riccardo ; Lüken, Tim ; Garske, Steffen ; Hofmann, Lutz 
102018Testing IEC 60870-5-104 and C37.118 based control center applications using a real time simulation platformChapter/Article (Proceedings)Ansari, Shoaib ; Glende, Eric ; Wolter, Martin ; Babazadeh, Davood  ; Lehnhoff, Sebastian