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1May-2019InnoBandit 2.0: a systematic approach to scenario-based product profile generation in PGE – Product Generation EngineeringArticleMarthaler, Florian ; Heimicke, Jonas ; Ou, Jia ; Reiß, Nicolas ; Bursac, Nikola ; Albers, Albert 
2May-2019A systematic approach to situation-adequate mechatronic system development by ASD - Agile Systems DesignArticleAlbers, Albert ; Heimicke, Jonas ; Spadinger, Markus ; Reiß, Nicolas ; Breitschuh, Jan ; Richter, Thilo ; Bursac, Nikola ; Marthaler, Florian 
3May-2019Nudges: An assisted strategy for improving heuristic decision in PGE-product generation engineeringArticleTanaiutchawoot, Narucha ; Bursac, Nikola ; Rapp, Simon ; Albers, Albert ; Heimicke, Jonas 
4Sep-201820 years of co-creation using case based learning: an integrated approach for teaching innovation and research in product generation engineeringChapter/Article (Proceedings)Albers, Albert ; Bursac, Nikola ; Heimicke, Jonas ; Walter, Benjamin ; Reiß, Nicolas 
5Aug-2018Managing systems of objectives in the agile development of mechatronic systems by ASD - Agile Systems DesignChapter/Article (Proceedings)Albers, Albert ; Heimicke, Jonas ; Hirschter, Tobias ; Richter, Thilo ; Reiß, Nicolas ; Maier, Alexander ; Bursac, Nikola 
6May-2018Agile method development: A Live-lab case study on product properties for process planningArticleAlbers, Albert ; Bursac, Nikola ; Eckert, Claudia ; Walter, Benjamin ; Wilmsen, Miriam ; Heimicke, Jonas 
7May-2018Product Profiles: Modelling customer benefits as a foundation to bring inventions to innovationsmArticleAlbers, Albert ; Heimicke, Jonas ; Walter, Benjamin ; Basedow, Gustav Nils ; Reiß, Nicolas ; Heitger, Nicolas ; Ott, Sascha ; Bursac, Nikola 
8Jan-2018Agile innovative impulses in product generation engineering: creativity by intentional forgettingChapter/Article (Proceedings)Heimicke, Jonas ; Reiß, Nicolas ; Albers, Albert ; Walter, Benjamin ; Breitschuh, Jan ; Knoche, S. ; Bursac, Nikola