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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
110-Mar-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessCompressive gate set tomographyArticleBrieger, Raphael ; Roth, Ingo ; Kliesch, Martin 
29-Jan-2023Guaranteed efficient energy estimation of quantum many-body Hamiltonians using ShadowGroupingArticleGresch, Alexander ; Kliesch, Martin 
312-Dec-2022General guarantees for randomized benchmarking with random quantum circuitsPreprintHeinrich, Markus ; Kliesch, Martin ; Roth, Ingo 
422-Nov-2022Optimizing the depth of variational quantum algorithms is strongly QCMA-hard to approximatePreprintBittel, Lennart ; Gharibian, Sevag ; Kliesch, Martin 
5Nov-2022Closed-form analytic expressions for shadow estimation with brickwork circuitsPreprintArienzo, Mirko ; Heinrich, Markus ; Roth, Ingo ; Kliesch, Martin 
612-Oct-2022Fast gradient estimation for variational quantum algorithmsPreprintBittel, Lennart ; Watty, Jens ; Kliesch, Martin 
719-Sep-2022Learning logical quantum noise in quantum error correctionPreprintWagner, Thomas ; Kampermann, Hermann ; Bruß, Dagmar ; Kliesch, Martin 
813-Jun-2022Synthesis of and compilation with time-optimal multi-qubit gatesPreprintBaßler, Pascal ; Zipper, Matthias ; Cedzich, Christopher ; Heinrich, Markus ; Huber, Patrick  ; Johanning, Michael ; Kliesch, Martin 
917-May-2022Distance-based resource quantification for sets of quantum measurementsPreprintTendick, Lucas ; Kliesch, Martin ; Kampermann, Hermann ; Bruß, Dagmar 
1017-Feb-2022Scalable approach to many-body localization via quantum dataPreprintGresch, Alexander ; Bittel, Lennart ; Kliesch, Martin 
112022Pauli channels can be estimated from syndrome measurements in quantum error correctionArticleWagner, Thomas ; Kampermann, Hermann ; Bruß, Dagmar ; Kliesch, Martin 
1217-Sep-2021Training variational quantum algorithms Is NP-hardArticleBittel, Lennart ; Kliesch, Martin 
1331-Mar-2021Optimal noise estimation from syndrome statistics of quantum codesArticleWagner, Thomas ; Kampermann, Hermann ; Bruß, Dagmar ; Kliesch, Martin 
1429-Jan-2021Theory of quantum system certificationArticleKliesch, Martin ; Roth, Ingo 
152020Reliable Recovery of Hierarchically Sparse Signals for Gaussian and Kronecker Product MeasurementsArticleRoth, Ingo ; Kliesch, Martin ; Flinth, Axel ; Wunder, Gerhard ; Eisert, Jens 
1612-Aug-2019Guaranteed recovery of quantum processes from few measurementsArticleKliesch, Martin ; Kueng, Richard ; Eisert, Jens ; Gross, David 
1729-May-2019Sample Complexity of Device-Independently Certified "quantum Supremacy"ArticleHangleiter, Dominik ; Kliesch, Martin ; Eisert, Jens ; Gogolin, Christian 
1828-May-2019Simultaneous Structures in Convex Signal Recovery—Revisiting the Convex Combination of NormsArticleKliesch, Martin ; Szarek, Stanislaw J. ; Jung, Peter 
19Nov-2018Comments on "Improving Compressed Sensing With the Diamond Norm"-Saturation of the Norm Inequalities Between Diamond and Nuclear NormReview (Article)Michel, Ulrich ; Kliesch, Martin ; Kueng, Richard ; Gross, David 
2024-Oct-2018Recovering Quantum Gates from Few Average Gate FidelitiesArticleRoth, Ingo ; Kueng, Richard ; Kimmel, S. ; Liu, Y. K. ; Gross, David ; Eisert, Jens ; Kliesch, Martin