Publisher DOI: 10.1016/j.apsusc.2018.02.015
Title: On the mechanism of ion-induced bending of nanostructures
Language: English
Authors: Ribas Gomes, Diego 
Turkin, Anatoliy A. 
Vainchtein, David I. 
De Hosson, Jeff 
Keywords: Focused ion beam; Nanostructure fabrication; Radiation-induced bending
Issue Date: 6-Feb-2018
Source: Applied Surface Science 446 (): 151-159 (2018)
Abstract (english): 
This contribution concentrates on ion-induced bending phenomena which may serve as a versatile tool to manufacture nanostructured devices. In particular bending was studied in free standing Au cantilevers. The preparation and irradiation of the cantilevers were performed using a TESCAN LYRA dual beam system. Cantilevers with thicknesses ranging between 90 and 200 nm were irradiated with 30 keV Ga ions normal to the sample surface up to a maximum fluence of ∼3 × 10 20 Ga/m 2 . The bending of the cantilevers towards the incident beam is discussed in terms of local volume change due to accumulation of radiation-induced vacancies and substitutional Ga atoms in the Ga implantation layer, as well as due to accumulation of interstitial type clusters in the region beyond the Ga penetration range. A model is proposed to explain the observations, based on a set of rate equations for concentrations of point defects, i.e. vacancies, self-interstitials and implanted Ga atoms. The influence of preexisting defects is also discussed. The work shows that an in-depth understanding the ion-beam bending can play a predictive role in a quantitative control in for the micro- and nanofabrication of small-sized products.
ISSN: 0169-4332
Journal: Applied surface science 
Document Type: Article
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