Personal profile in TORE

A profile is automatically created in TORE for researchers. You can log in to TORE via your TU account.

Your researcher profile

Your data will be transferred from the LDAP and the contact form to TORE: Please change your advert name with title, institute, picture, website and telephone number there. TORE accepts changes every weekday at 8:45.

» Change data in the contact form

Switch researcher profile visible

Important: For your profile to be visible in TORE, you must enter ‘Internet’ under Visibility in the contact form.

A link to your TORE profile is displayed in the contact form.

You can suppress the TORE link in the contact database.

Call up profile in TORE

  1. open **Person menu
  2. entry Profile
  3. button View

Edit profile in TORE

Select the Change as owner entry in the 3-point menu.

Here you can change

  • Display name (Preferred Name)
  • Full Name ) Surname, first name
  • Name variants (e.g. other first names, maiden names, etc.)

  • and an external e-mail address.

You can use

last edit gw - 30.6.2023