Typo3- and Wordpress-Plugin

Publication lists for Typo3 and Wordpress can be obtained automatically from TORE via the plugin.

Dynamic publication and project lists with the content from TORE can be integrated on the websites of the institutes and those of the scientists. Duplicate data maintenance will no longer be necessary in future.

Examples and a quick guide can be found here:

» https://www-dev.tuhh.de/tub/tore-typo3-plugin/tore-inhalte-auf-typo3-seiten.html » admin

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Typo3 plugin

Target group: TYPO3 editors of the institutes

Attributes of publication lists

Publications are displayed on the web pages grouped by publication year.

  • Publication lists can be created for institutes and persons.
  • Publications within a year can be sorted by publication date or surname of the first author.
  • The years can be restricted: e.g. publications i) from 2020 ii) before 2018, iii) between 2014 and 2017, iv) from 2022
  • Publications of one type can be output: Only articles, conference papers, preprints, research data, dissertations
  • Presentation: You can choose whether titles or authors should be listed first. You can choose whether the publication type should be displayed after the title.

All attributes can be combined with each other.

Any number of list blocks can be inserted on a Typo3 page.

Attributes of project lists

  • Project lists can be created for institutes and persons.
  • Either current or named projects are displayed.

Possible uses

You can place any number of project and publication lists on a Typo3 page.

A person page can, for example, contain the following lists (example):

  • Current research projects
  • Articles from the last three years
  • Conference contributions of the last three years
  • Presentations of the last three years

Long publication lists can be divided into different Typo3 pages according to years and/or types.

Insert Typo3 plugin

  • Add a new content element.
  • Switch to the “Plugins” tab and select “General Plugin”

  • In the window that opens, enter the title and then switch to the “Plugin” tab.
  • There you select TORE-Plugin.

Configure publication lists

  • Select “Type of Research to show” : Publication.
  • Select Researcher or Institute.
  • Enter the ID of the person or institute. You will find the ID in the URL at TORE.

In the URL of TORE you will find the TORE ID of the institute or person.

Enter this in the plugin mask.

If required, enter the above parameters to restrict the list.

Publication types

For publication types, enter their technical name. Only one publication type may currently be stored. internal link

Book Part
Conference Paper not in Proceedings
Conference Poster
Conference Poster not in Proceedings
Conference Presentation
Conference Proceedings
Conference Paper
Data Paper
Journal Article
Letter to the Editor
Review Article
Journal Article
Learning Object
Patent Application
Patent Application
Data Management Plan
Project Deliverable
Research Report
Technical Report
Sound Report
Still Image
Video Thesis
Working Paper

Configure project lists

  • Select Projects.
  • Then Person or Institute and enter the TORE ID, which you will find in the URL for TORE.
  • Select between current and completed projects.

Change requests for data records

In TORE, older publications were not maintained for the current purpose. Therefore, initial changes to publication data records, especially in the Source field, may be desirable. Changes must currently be made by the library.

Please use the » feedback function to submit requests for changes to data records.

Wordpress plugin

Target group: Wordpress editors of the institutes

Only publication lists can be obtained for Typo3.

  • Lists per person or per institute
  • Restriction by year
  • Restriction by publication type


  • http://ttt.tub.tuhh.de/tore-autor/
  • http://ttt.tub.tuhh.de/tore-institute/

Settings in the plugin

Shortcode examples

Author (publications; all)
[DSPACE id="24c71596-d1dc-4433-b9a6-c662169c8496" entity="Author" type="Publications"]

Author (projects; all)
[DSPACE id="24c71596-d1dc-4433-b9a6-c662169c8496" entity="Author" type="Projects"]

Institutes (Publications)
[DSPACE entity="Institute" id="d754a825-7ff9-41cb-b058-5dbe89b86fb4" type="Publications"]
[DSPACE entity="Institute" id="d754a825-7ff9-41cb-b058-5dbe89b86fb4" type="Publications" lang="en lang="en" date-min="2018" date-max="2018" pub-type="Resource Types::Contribution to Journal"]

Institute (Projects)
[DSPACE entity="Institute" id="d754a825-7ff9-41cb-b058-5dbe89b86fb4" type="Projects"]
[DSPACE entity="Institute" id="d754a825-7ff9-41cb-b058-5dbe89b86fb4" type="Projects" lang="en" type="Projects" status="active"]
[DSPACE entity="Institute" id="d754a825-7ff9-41cb-b058-5dbe89b86fb4" type="Projects" lang="en" type="Projects" status="completed"]


TORE provides a residual interface with which the data can be read from the live system. This interface is only enabled for the TU IP room.

Technical documentation and download

» GitLab wp-dspace-lists

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