Publications to enter

You must

  1. be logged in to TORE.
  2. go to the person icon and select “My TORE”.
  3. in the box Publications with full text select Enter manually or
  4. Import from database

The next section does not provide any further options for researchers. FIS officers can create projects manually here later using the PLUS symbol.

Your publications

As registered data records are checked in the library, there are three workflow steps.

(1) Business process

You have entered this publication. It is currently being checked in the library.

You can display the current status.

(2) Workspace

You are in the process of entering the publication, but have not yet finished.

You can

  • display the current status.
  • edit the publication further and send it to the library for checking.
  • delete the entry.

(3) Archived

Your released publications that have already been checked and are online. You can display the publication.

last edit gw - 5.7.2023