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115-Mar-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessModular lightweight robot system for aircraft production using a generic OPC UA skill conceptArticleKoch, Philip ; Rawal, Parth ; Töpfer, Nico ; Haß, Tim ; Böhlmann, Christian ; Hintze, Wolfgang 
22-Jan-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessTool or hassle? - Production workers evaluation of the potential of digital assistance systems on the shopfloor in shipbuilding projectsArticleGiskeødegård, Marte Fanneløb ; Kjersem, Kristina ; Jahn, Niklas  ; Rost, Robert 
32023Fulltext availableOpen AccessDigitale Assistenzsysteme für kollaboratives Arbeiten in der UnikatproduktionThesisRost, Jan Robert 
4Oct-2022Implementation of MC-SPG particle method in the simulation of orthogonal turning processConference Paper (not in Proceedings)Rana, Pulkit ; Hintze, Wolfgang ; Schall, T. ; Polley, W. 
5Oct-2022Model based prediction of force and roughness extrema inherent in machining of fibre reinforced plastics using data mergingConference Paper (not in Proceedings)Hintze, Wolfgang ; Brouschkin, Alexander ; Köttner, Lars ; Blühm, Melchior Frieder 
622-Sep-2022Wartung und Service von Schiffen mit erweiterter RealitätArticleFriedewald, Axel ; Rost, Robert ; Meluzov, Nikolaj ; Lödding, Hermann ; Knödler, Tobias ; Peschke, Jörg ; Dombrowski, Tobias 
714-Sep-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessSelf-lubricating CrAlMoN high performance tool coatings for machining of TiAl6V4ArticleBobzin, Kirsten ; Kalscheuer, Christian ; Carlet, Marco ; Stachowski, Nina ; Hintze, Wolfgang ; Möller, Carsten  ; Ploog, Petter 
8Sep-2022User-Centric Digital Assistance with Smart Tools for Manual Assembly ProcessesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Piontek, Simon ; Lödding, Hermann 
9Sep-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessEffect of DED process parameters on distortion and residual stress state of additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V components during machiningArticleRomanenko, Denys ; Jothi Prakash, Vishnuu ; Kuhn, Tobias ; Möller, Carsten  ; Hintze, Wolfgang ; Emmelmann, Claus 
10Sep-2022Determining due dates for rush ordersChapter/Article (Proceedings)Mundt, Christopher  ; Beck, Eilis Bernadette ; Lödding, Hermann 
118-Jun-2022PPS-Report 2021ArticleMaetschke, Jan ; Fulterer, Judith ; Janke, Tim ; Zipfel, Alexander ; Bank, Lukas ; Theumer, Philipp ; Mundt, Christopher  ; Köster, Nina  ; Kämpfer, Tim ; Heuer, Tammo ; Hiller, Tobias 
12Jun-2022Experimental analysis of a hybrid drive train implemented in a novel industrial robot approachChapter/Article (Proceedings)Hamann, Tobias ; Hansen, Stephan ; Bitterolf, David ; Böhlmann, Christian ; Möller, Christian ; Seifried, Robert  ; Hintze, Wolfgang 
1326-May-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessHolistic process monitoring with machine learning classification methods using internal machine sensors for semi-automatic drillingArticleHintze, Wolfgang ; Romanenko, Denys ; Molkentin, Lukas ; Köttner, Lars ; Mehnen, Jan Philipp 
14May-2022Workshop-suited geometric errors identification of three-axis machine tools using on-machine measurement for long term precision assuranceChapter/Article (Proceedings)Breitzke, André ; Hintze, Wolfgang 
15May-2022Tuned mass dampers for boring bars with small diameterChapter/Article (Proceedings)Hintze, Wolfgang ; Hinrichs, Marco ; Rosenthal, Oliver ; Schleinkofer, Uwe ; Venturini, Remus 
168-Mar-2022Accuracy Analysis for a Flow Line Process using a Mobile Holding Fixture for Machining CRFP Components (SAE Paper 2022-01-0041)Chapter/Article (Proceedings)Brillinger, Christoph ; Kallipalayam Murugesan, Satheesh Kumar ; Möller, Christian ; Böhlmann, Christian ; Hintze, Wolfgang ; Niermann, Dirk 
1717-Feb-2022A General Unique Description of Cutting Direction and Engagement for Arbitrary Oblique Cutting of Orthotropic Materials – Modeling and Validation for Grinding of Unidirectional CFRPTechnical ReportHintze, Wolfgang ; Köttner, Lars ; Brouschkin, Alexander ; Blühm, Melchior Frieder ; Jakele, Lukas 
1817-Feb-2022Eine Frage des Timings : schädigungsfreies Bohren nachgiebiger CFK-StrukturenArticleLissek, Fabian ; Kaufeld, Michael ; Bergmann, Jean Pierre ; Hintze, Wolfgang 
192022Managing sequence-dependent setup times - The target conflict between output rate, WIP and fluctuating throughput times for setup cyclesArticleEngehausen, Friederike ; Lödding, Hermann 
202022Fulltext availableOpen AccessInformationsmanagement für ein digitales InstandhaltungsassistenzsystemThesisMeluzov, Nikolaj