RUVIVAL publication series

RUVIVAL publication series
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Issue DateVolume numberTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2020Volume 6Fulltext availableOpen AccessRUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 6Lopez Mendez, Berenice ; Schreiner, Lukas ; Duval, Samuel 
2Sep-2019Volume 5Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK): Rainwater Harvesting Methods – A ReviewTasawwar, Sumbal ; Kassaye, Rahel Birhanu 
3Sep-2019Volume 5An Introduction to the Global Soil StatusChen, Zhuoheng ; Shah, Tavseef Mairaj  
4Sep-2019Volume 5Fulltext availableOpen AccessRUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 5Chen, Zhuoheng ; Kassaye, Rahel Birhanu ; Schaldach, Ruth  ; Seoane Dominguez, Antonio ; Shah, Tavseef Mairaj  ; Tasawwar, Sumbal 
5Sep-2019Volume 5A Literature Review on Soil Erosion Quantification and MeasurementsSeoane Dominguez, Antonio ; Schaldach, Ruth  
6Apr-2019Volume 4Integrated Decentralised Wastewater Treatment for Rural Areas with a Focus on Resource RecoveryKhalid, Usama ; Orozco Garcia, Carla  
7Apr-2019Volume 4Fulltext availableOpen AccessRUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 4Buchspies, Benedikt ; Carmesin, Tina ; Khalid, Usama ; Orozco Garcia, Carla  ; Schaldach, Ruth  
8Apr-2019Volume 4Energy Access for Sustainable Rural Development: Literature Review on Distributed Renewable Energy for Rural Electrification in AfricaCarmesin, Tina ; Buchspies, Benedikt ; Schaldach, Ruth  
9Jan-2018Volume 3Fulltext availableOpen AccessRUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 3Behrendt, Joachim  ; Fröndhoff, Dario ; Munoz Ardila, Andrea ; Orlina, Maria Monina ; Rueda Morales, Máryeluz ; Schaldach, Ruth  
10Jan-2018Volume 3A Review of Terra Preta Sanitation with a Focus on the Research Outcomes of the Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection (AWW)Fröndhoff, Dario ; Schaldach, Ruth  
11Jan-2018Volume 3Literature Review on the Utilisation of Urine as a Fertiliser in AgricultureMunoz Ardila, Andrea ; Rueda Morales, Máryeluz ; Schaldach, Ruth  ; Behrendt, Joachim  
12Jan-2018Volume 3Literature Review on Water Efficiency in Agriculture: Sustainable Irrigation MethodsOrlina, Maria Monina ; Schaldach, Ruth  
13Dec-2017Volume 2Fulltext availableOpen AccessRUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 2Al Baff, Ahmad ; Gonzalez Alvarez, Alejandro ; Ho, Sing Yee ; Huhn, Lukas  ; Kassaye, Rahel Birhanu ; Lasprilla Pina, Claudia ; Lopez Mendez, Berenice ; Mehl, Valerie ; Möller, Julia ; Oloruntoba, Ayodeji 
14Dec-2017Volume 2Literature Review on the Rainwater Harvesting Research Landscape, In-Situ and Domestic Design Examples and Best Practice Projects in China and BrazilLasprilla Pina, Claudia ; Kassaye, Rahel Birhanu 
15Dec-2017Volume 2Literature Review on Managed Aquifer Recharge in the Context of Water and Soil Restoration MethodsLopez Mendez, Berenice ; Huhn, Lukas  
16Dec-2017Volume 2A Review of Land-Based Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Micro and Macro-CatchmentsMehl, Valerie ; Oloruntoba, Ayodeji ; Gonzalez Alvarez, Alejandro ; Möller, Julia ; Ho, Sing Yee ; Al Baff, Ahmad ; Kassaye, Rahel Birhanu 
17Sep-2017Volume 1Fulltext availableOpen AccessRUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 1Hügel, Stefan ; Timillero, Giovanni ; Schaldach, Ruth  
18Sep-2017Volume 1A Review of Agroforestry Practices with an Introduction to the Arba Minch Slope Farming ProjectHügel, Stefan 
19Sep-2017Volume 1Living Terraces as Practices in Erosion Prevention and Rainwater HarvestingHügel, Stefan 
20Sep-2017Volume 1Review of Check Dams as an Erosion Control Practice with a Special Focus on the Loess Plateau, ChinaTimillero, Giovanni ; Schaldach, Ruth