Strukturdynamik M-14

Structural Dynamics M-14
Parent organisation
Arbeitsgruppe der TUHH
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Dynamics Group - Institute for Structural Dynamics
We focus on complex system dynamics. One research field is complex dynamics in machines and structures, which we analyze through network, complexity and machine learning methods. A second field is nonlinear wave physics, including ocean rogue waves. A third field is highly efficient physics based computing in engineering. All our work is conducted with national and international partners. Prof. Hoffmann, who directs the group, is also a visiting professor at Imperial College London.
Australian National University Canberra, Prof. Akhmediev
Univ. Oldenburg, Prof. Peinke
Politecnico di Bari, Prof Ciavarella
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Prof Vitanov
Imperial College London, Dr Schwingshackl
Politecnico di Bari, Dr. Papangelo
University of Technology Sydney, Dr. Oberst
Arts et Metiers Lille, Dr. Grolet
Universita Roma La Sapienza, Prof. Massi
Universite Lille, Prof. Duffrenoy
Technische Universität Berlin, Prof. von Wagner
Universität Hannover, Prof. Wallaschek
Kyoto University, Prof. Chabchoub
Skolkovo Moscow, Prof. Salles