smartPORT E-EXK2
Parent organisation
Ehemalige Einrichtung der TUHH
The Institute smartPORT was closed in 2020.

The Institute smartPORT was founded in April 2016 as a junior researcher group and currently consists of Professor Bernd-Christian Renner and three research assistants. Research of the institute embraces two fields. Firstly, we investigate wireless communication and regenerative energy supplies in the domain of cyber-physical systems with a special focus on smart ports. Secondly, we carry out research in underwater communication and navigation for swarms of autonomous underwater vehicles for monitoring and inspection in the port basin.

The Institute smartPORT is part of both the College of Excellence and the School of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics at the Hamburg University of Technology. It is co-funded by the Hamburg Port Authority and therefore maintains strong links to the smartPORT iniative in Hamburg.
Fraunhofer CML
Universität Padua
Sea&Sun Technology GmbH, Trappenkamp
Universität zu Lübeck, Institut für Technische Informatik
Hamburg Port Authority (HPA)