Improving Employability through Internationalisation and Collaboration

Project Acronym
Project Title
EPIC: Improving Employability through Internationalisation and Collaboration
Principal Investigator
The project essentially develops a flexible framework for international student projects in collaboration with companies and research environments, which allows students from different universities to participate in joint student projects based on real-world problems from companies who contribute with co-supervision of the projects. The aim is to make it simply to integrate in and recognize within existing study programmes. The EPIC partnership focus on students within engineering, IT, entrepreneurship/ innovation and business informatics, but the methods developed can also be applied to other fields within engineering and beyond.
The framework is supported by intellectual outputs, which enables companies, universities, students and teachers to successfully develop and carry out these projects. These framework and outputs are designed to be sustained after the project is finished, and allow for a wider take-up of the methods developed, tested and documented. The project is running through three yearly cycles with preparation, implementation, evaluation and dissemination.
To ensure the practical use, relevance and impact of the results, It is important to involve all relevant stakeholders and target groups during this development process:
- The universities, including decision makers, who will facilitate the projects.
- The companies who will co-develop project proposals and provide co-supervision.
- The supervisors, who will be supporting the students throughout the learning process and participate in the collaboration with companies.
- The students.