HIRF Schutz mittels energieselektiver Dioden-Arrays

Project Title
HIRF Protection Using Energy Selective Diode Arrays
Principal Investigator
Project Abstract
With more and more electromagnetic energy being transmitted by radar, radio, TV, mobile, hotspot (Wi-Fi), satellite, and other transmitters, detrimental effects of electromagnetic waves on the environment, e.g. disturbance or even damage of electronic equipment, become more and more a concern. To ensure safe operation of various electronic systems in transmitting or receiving states, electromagnetic protection should be considered especially against high intensity radiation fields (HIRFs). This project focuses on diode arrays for implementation of self-activated and energy selective blocking of electromagnetic wave.

Based on the nonlinear behavior of diodes, diode arrays can be shown to be transparent with respect to small field amplitudes and opaque to large field amplitudes. In theory, we expect the structure to work like a spatial switch, while in practice its protection performance is limited by several factors, such as the response time and operating frequency range of the diodes, the transmission loss of the protective structure and near field coupling effects. Therefore, accurate full wave simulation are being used for evaluation of the electromagnetic performance of protective diode arrays. Up to now, mostly infinitely periodic diode arrays have been studied. Next steps include the simulation of finite and non-periodic diode arrays using the electromagnetic field simulator CONCEPT-II.