FACCE SURPLUS 2: kleine, flexible Bioraffinerien für unterschiedliche Inputmaterialien: Teilvorhaben Inventaisierung regionaler Bioressourcen, Wertschöpfung aus Biorafferenie-Reststoffen

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Decision Support for Small-Scale Flexi-Feed Biorefineries
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Using integrated experimental and modelling approaches, FLEXIBI studies the potential of residues from agri– and horticulture, gardening and landscaping, as well as from post-consumer wood from peri-urban and urban areas as feedstocks for Small-Scale Flexi-Feed Biorefineries (SFB). FLEXIBI evaluates the potential of these biogenic residues and their mixtures for production of bio-based materials and local energy generation via different biorefinery processes. The use of biomass from different feedstocks will allow the use of local and all-year available feedstocks to limit transportation and logistics issues while promoting local production of high value compounds, soil improvers and energy. FLEXIBI aims at designing a decision support tool assessing the different pathway for the establishment of SFBs by evaluating all parameters accounting to find sustainable solutions. Quantitative process modelling and knowledge engineering approaches are used to set-up the tool and value-creation oriented schemes for under-valorised residue-based bioresources. These will be used to support the SFB design on regional/local level .


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