Nichtlineare Wellenausbreitung bei impulsartigen Einwirkungen im gesättigten, teildrainierten Boden

Project Title
Nonlinear wave propagation due to impulse-like actions in saturated, partially drained soil
Funding Code
GR 1024/29-2
Principal Investigator
Project Abstract
The objective of the research project is the investigation of wave propagation due to impulse-penetration of saturated soil. Field measurements of dynamic soil densification and detonations in soil are performed. The results of these measurements will be used to validate the numerical simulations. For the numerical simulations two different methods, the FEM and MPM, will be used. The difference between two models for the saturated soil, the u-p- and v-w-formulation, will be investigated. The effect of pore water and the non-linear hypoplastic material model on the wave propagation will be researched. The efficiency of the time consuming simulation will be enhanced by parallelizing the Code and the usage of powerful graphic cards.