Zum räumlichen Tragverhalten von kombinierten Stahlspundwänden

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Spatial load-bearing behaviour of combined steel sheetpiles
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Combined sheet pile walls are mainly used in quay wall construction as a decisive load-bearing element. Applying the current design formats shows that arithmetically a large number of the existing quay walls are no longer stable, although these constructions correspond to tried and tested practice. The design is mostly done two-dimensionally with the assumption of an arching effect between the king piles, so that these take the earth pressure and the intermediate piles only take the water pressure. Insufficient information is available to describe the spatial load-bearing behavior of combined sheet pile walls.

The aim of the research project is to record the actual load on the intermediate piles and king piles as a result of earth and water pressure, as well as their loading, taking into account their spatial system load-bearing effect. By clarifying the load transfer, overdimensioning of these components can be avoided. By including the spatial load-bearing effect of combined steel sheet pile walls including the anchoring, their design can be optimized.