Lösung geotechnischer Randwertprobleme mit Wasser-Boden-Interaktion mittels der Double-Point-Material-Point Method

Project Acronym
Project Title
Solution of geotechnical boundary value problems with water-soil interaction using the Double-Point-Material Point Method (2P-MPM)
Funding Code
GR 1024/45-1
Principal Investigator
Chmelnizkij, Alexander
Project Abstract
The aim of the research project is the development of a numerical method for the simulation of large deformations in geotechnical boundary value problems for the plane and rotationally symmetric deformation state. For this purpose the Material Point Method (MPM) is to be further developed and adapted as a method. The Institute of Geotechnical Engineering and Construction (Prof. Grabe) is a member of the Anura3D MPM Research Community and has been jointly developing the MPM code Anura3D for dynamically coupled boundary value problems in geotechnical engineering since 2014. The further development of the MPM for coupled problems, such as the simulation of saturated soil, is necessary to minimize the numerical errors of the method and thus increase the reliability of the simulation results. Numerous modifications of the MPM have already been developed and investigated in mechanics, which can be generalized to coupled problems. The implementation of these developed numerical methods is to be implemented in the program MATLAB and checked for correctness by means of analytical solutions and available measurement data. The development and implementation of the modified MPM will be the focus of the first project phase with a subsequent validation. In a possible second project phase, further extensive validations should take place and a focus should be placed on increasing the efficiency of the implementation.