Nutzung dynamischer geothermischer Systeme zur sorptionsgestützten nachhaltigen Klimatisierung

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EnOB: Dyn-GSGK: Using dynamic geothermal systems for sustainable desiccant assisted air conditioning
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Object of the research project is the development of an air conditioning system for basic and peak loads based on renewable energies. Therefore, at the Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics the combination of an open cycle desiccant-assisted air conditioning system and a geothermal system is investigated. A key aspect is a reduced cooling demand and lower peak loads due to the decoupling of sensible cooling and dehumidification within the air conditioning process. Additionally, cooling power can be increased by using a dynamically controllable borehole heat exchanger (BHX) for the first time. The single components as well as the interaction of the components as a system are investigated. In case of uncomfortable room air conditions despite the additional cooling power, a backup system including phase change material to locally enhance comfort perception is analyzed.


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