Einfluss des Oberflächenpotentials von leitfähigen Polymermembranen auf das Fouling- und Trennverhalten in der Wasseraufbereitung

Project Acronym
ZETA Membrane
Project Title
Impact of surface potential of electro-conductive polymer membranes on fouling and transport behavior in water treatment (ZETA Membrane)
Funding Code
ER 683/1-1
Principal Investigator
Project Abstract
This DFG project investigates the impact of the surface potential of conductive polymer membranes on fouling and compound retention during filtration of aqueous solution. The magnitude and characteristics of membrane surface zeta potential have a significant effect on adhesion and adsorption of particulate and organic water constituents. The retention of ionic compounds is also affected by the electrical surface properties. In the ZETA membrane project, different surface potentials will be induced by an external electrical field. The resulting fouling and transport properties of ionic compounds (ionic organics, salts) will be investigated. The results will be compared with existing transport / fouling models and necessary model adaptations and/or extensions will be made.


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