SPP 1679: Dynamische Simulation vernetzter Feststoffprozesse

Project Title
SPP 1679: Dynamic Simulation of Interconnected Solids Processes
Funding Code
HE 4526/16-2
Principal Investigator
Project Abstract
To intensify the research in the field of dynamic modeling of solids processes, in the year 2013 the DFG Priority Program SPP 1679 “Dynamic simulation of interconnected solids processes” has been started. Its main objectives are the development of new dynamic models of different apparatuses in solids processing technology, providing numerical tools for flowsheet simulation and the investigation of the dynamics of solids processes. The SPP 1679 structurally consists of 27 individual projects, which are distributed among several German universities. They are thematically divided into four main groups (Fig. 1). An important part of this project is the development of a flowsheet simulation system Dyssol (an acronym for Dynamic Simulation of SOLids processes), intended for the dynamic modeling of industrial production processes with complex structures. A novel dynamic simulation system, as the central project (Z-Project) of the priority program, should be designed to integrate models, algorithms and methods developed within the whole SPP. The system must be able to handle processes with complex structures, considering solid, liquid and gas phases as well as their arbitrary mixtures.


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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
15-Aug-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessDyssol — an open-source flowsheet simulation framework for particulate materialsArticleSkorych, Vasyl ; Dosta, Maksym ; Heinrich, Stefan 
229-Jul-2020Increasing the efficiency of chemical looping combustion of biomass by a dual-stage fuel reactor design to reduce carbon capture costsArticleHaus, Johannes ; Lindmüller, Lennard ; Dymala, Timo  ; Jarolin, Kolja  ; Feng, Yi ; Hartge, Ernst-Ulrich ; Heinrich, Stefan ; Werther, Joachim 
314-Aug-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessApplication of transformation matrices to the solution of population balance equationsArticleSkorych, Vasyl ; Das, Nilima ; Dosta, Maksym ; Kumar, Jitendra ; Heinrich, Stefan 
4Mar-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessInvestigation of an FFT-based solver applied to dynamic flowsheet simulation of agglomeration processesArticleSkorych, Vasyl ; Dosta, Maksym ; Hartge, Ernst-Ulrich ; Heinrich, Stefan ; Ahrens, Robin ; Le Borne, Sabine  
5Jun-2017Novel system for dynamic flowsheet simulation of solids processesArticleSkorych, Vasyl ; Dosta, Maksym ; Hartge, Ernst-Ulrich ; Heinrich, Stefan 
61-Oct-2016Algorithms for the Haar wavelet based fast evaluation of aggregation integrals in population balance equationsArticleLe Borne, Sabine  ; Shahmuradyan, Lusine 
712-Jan-2016Image-based analytical crystal shape computation exemplified for potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP)ArticleLe Borne, Sabine  ; Eisenschmidt, Holger ; Sundmacher, Kai 
84-Mar-2015Fast evaluation of univariate aggregation integrals on equidistant gridsArticleLe Borne, Sabine  ; Shahmuradyan, Lusine ; Sundmacher, Kai 

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AcronymTitleStart dateEnd datePrincipal Investigator
Untersuchung des dynamischen Verhaltens der Sprühgranulation in kontinuierlich betriebenen Wirbelschichtrinnen01-01-201331-12-2019Heinrich, Stefan